Elk Gear 101: Cartridge Selection

Elk Gear 101: Cartridge Selection


I go over some basic requirements of how to select your Elk Hunting Caliber.


  1. Paulo Henrique Vasconcelos

    Great, inexpensive air rifle>>>ur2.pl/951 Able to keep the varmints out of the garden once the scope was dialed in. Very accurate at moderate distances which is just what I needed. Would recommend it to anyone who is plagued by chipmunks, squirrels or rabbits. Have read other reviews where they say the scope is terrible but I found it to be quite adequate and easy to adjust. Good value

  2. Clinton Rosendale

    This guy is NOT very knowledgeable…

  3. 3 7 5 H & H is MY preference. Great Grizzly stopper too.

  4. I'm sure alot of people commenting have never hunted elk , I have all my life and this guy missed alot of good rounds I personally use a 300 win mag and it drops em

  5. 375 shoulder buster, my shoulder.

  6. Have Elk been harvested with a 45.70 govt.

  7. what about him saying a 308 and a 30-06 has the same power

  8. Where's the 270 win?

  9. What about what about what about what about what about…. Dear lord people give this guy a break

  10. I am reading the comments I noticed a lot of folks say all you need is this and all you need is that. Why not have a little more than you need. Yes shot placement is key however you still need velocity, bullet weight and construction to get that bullet to the boiler room. From my experience 7mm Rem mag and 300 Win mag are your best bets. You need a combination of shot placement and power.

  11. I stop watching as soon as he said of 243 does not have the power at point-blank range to go through a shoulder bone of an elk what a f**** idiot

  12. It isn't math, it is shot placement. An elk doesn't know if it was a .30-.30 or a .375, or if it was 2000 fps or 3000 fps

  13. This guy makes a mistake by leaving out the 270 which is plenty enough for elk especially with the heavier bullets. Yes Jack O'Conner took multiple of elk with the 270 even with the 130 gr bullet but he was usually on pack in trips hunting un-disturbed animals and could wait for them to present the perfect shot angle therefore making a killing shot. Although he did state that overall the 30-06 with a heavier bullet 165 or 180 gr bullets was the better choice for elk and for smaller animals at further distances the 130 gr 270 was the better choice. I think I will go with what Mr. O'Connor said.

  14. most USA rifles have a 20 in barrel BRITISH BSA have a 24 in barrel my Remington 300RUM 200grn has 2916 ft-lb energy at 200 yards 20 in drop at 400 yards. what evr poder you can put in a a short barrel can loose 200 ft ps at the muzzle. any powder you can put in a .308 case you can put in a .30 06 . .

  15. WITCH SCHOOL DID YOU GO TO A .308 HAS A CASE THAT HOLDs 45C grn the .30 06 case HOLDS 61C grn THATS 140 TO 150 FPS faster than a .308 ever 100 feet = 25 yards so the kill range of the .30 06 is a extra 37 yards same projectile same energy longer range ..next you will want me to be-leave a .300wm is the same as MY .300RUM .I also own two .30 06s ..the 300 wm holds 81c grn the .300rum holds 108 c grn powder 27 extra grn the .308 case is small & when you use heavy projectiles you loose case capacity as you have to set the projectile deeper .

  16. Cartridge Selectioo

  17. All of these videos are great food for thought. Ballistic junkies love their “formulas “ for qualifying what’s good and what’s bad. I’ve dropped more than my fair share and know what has worked for me. I’d never recommend the lightest caliber I’ve dropped an elk with (25/06) but it’s what I had then and I was very confident with my accuracy and placement. I use a 300 Win Mag now and love it. I shoot it a lot and know my limits. What frustrates me is seeing a first time elk hunter who has shot a 270 Win all his life, get talked into needing a 300 or bigger super sniper magnum in order to hunt elk. My response to those experts…get your lazy ass out of the truck and hunt. Practice with your rifle with the loads you’re going to hunt with. Know your limits. Know the real anatomy of your quarry.

  18. I "REALLY" hope there is NO MORE video's to come from this guy.
    He totally blew it not mentioning 8mm,300win/wby/rum, .338win, .340wby, .338Lapua, .30-.378wby,
    338-378weatherby, .338-06, – 264win mag, .270win, .270wby mag, 7mm wby mag, 7mm STW, ….
    There's so much wrong with what this guy's got to say that it aint worth watching…. And in my opinion they two best categories for elk would be the .300's & .338win/.340wby – but the ultimate would be .30-.378wby mag.
    Hold on don't get bent yet, there are MANY rounds that are capable of taking elk, so long as you use proper bullet weight, know your limitations, and of course proper bullet placement.

  19. The .270 will reach out and get an elk and I will take a 7mm over any .375 any day of the week but different people like different Rifles and Calibers so shoot what works for you and performs best so that you make a one shot kill so the Elk or Deer doesn't suffer .

  20. I use a Remington 8mm Magnum with a 200 grain at 3300 fps. It struck the elk rigkt behind the shoulder, it mabe a hole thr size of a large grapefruit exiting. The elk dropped in his tracks, am planning a moose hunt this year and will take the same rifle with me

  21. I killed a bull elk with a 22-250 and it didn't even get 30 yards

  22. Where is the 300 Win. Mag?

  23. You forgot 3 of the best calibers for any north America game, the 300 w mag will out shoot your 7 mag any day of the week…the 338 w mag will do anything the 375 will do and less recoil and my favorite, the 8mm rem mag,I own 2 and hand load for them and it'll out perform any you talked about

  24. A good way to know what cartridge will be good is to multiply the max weight of the animal x 7 and if you have more foot pounds at the hit distance you have plenty. An example is 300 pound elk x 7 is 2100 foot pounds. Just a guide

  25. How is "they"? and I agree with gearjunky

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