EPISODE 232: Q&A: Condensation, Shelters, Future of Hunting, Gear, & More

EPISODE 232: Q&A: Condensation, Shelters, Future of Hunting, Gear, & More


On this episode of Gritty Bowmen Brian and Aron answer more listener questions regarding shelters, condensation, gear and more.


  1. How big is that cot in the Sawtooth shelter behind you?

  2. Another thing you can do for rain is to use your trowel you use to dig a cat hole and dig a trench around the three sides and drain it off the down hill side

  3. Great Stuff Guys! As always.

  4. Pushing Limits Outdoors

    I hope you guys do come through with the update on camera gear. I'd like to hear what pushed you to switch from Canon to Sony.

  5. Fav so far

  6. It will always be easier to destroy than it is to build. Let the haters hate and keep at it! You guys motivate me to be a better hunter and outdoors-man and in turn, a better person.

    Stay Gritty!!

  7. good stuff, boys.

  8. That's it.. I'm not a sh!tty hunter, I'm just an enthusiastic donor to conservation.

  9. Texas_trout_killa

    Another perfect video !

  10. I look forward to a podcast with #notfittohunt. If it's who I'm thinking of, he's good people.

  11. Secret Stuff ™

    If your looking for camera mounts to packs and chest mounts have a look at cottoncarrier been using them for years.

  12. you guys are the best. thanks

  13. Awesome as always; you can wash Tyvek in the washing machine on cold; it makes it softens it but doesn't hurt it.
    God bless you two

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