Gear for Hunting Whitetail Deer in Michigan

Gear for Hunting Whitetail Deer in Michigan


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  1. Hey deer can see blue

  2. Fuck me the stores in the USA are killer Wish we had stores like this in Australia.

  3. So it's legal to hunt in America?

  4. Wat crossbow u using m8

  5. what type of broadheads do you hunt with?

  6. If I ever get the chance later in life to go hunting. I'll probably go with a crossbow.

  7. Texas WhiteTail Production

    with a rifle you should be able to shoot at least 200 and more yards and shotgun with a slug its 100-300 yards.

  8. Monkey Mike Outdoors

    Very cool Ben, my next door neighbor has a 1,500 dollar hoyt, freakin badass. he hasn't got anything yet either lol

  9. MI Timberwookie

    Great gear. The lower is no longer the shotgun zone. We can now use some specific straight walled cartridges. I enjoy using the compound bow and black powder myself. Good luck this year.

  10. SurvivalReality

    The only thing I don't like about Cabela's is they stick their name on everything.

  11. Awesome have a great time!

  12. I don't have to hunt dear, I just have to drive around. I hit three at one time in a Uhaul truck back some time ago in Ohio. That damn GMO corn keeps em big. The deer down here are tiny in SC.

  13. You must have a much bigger Cabelas then the one in Greenville SC. Your displays are massive. I think our store is 130k sq ft

  14. Great new channel, nice to see you out and about. Vary similar to my set up. I don't use a crossbow yet, and stopped using my shotgun and switched to my inline TC

  15. Great vid. Keep it up. Heading out for a weekend in the big woods in the upcoming weeks. Taking my youngest with me. Going to have her try out the coveralls. I think they might have advantages over separate bibs and coat. Might go that direction myself.

  16. if possible you should totally set up the cam when your hunting. show these folks how its done…

  17. spicy venison jerky…oh yeah

  18. Nice gear review. I do the same thing, wash clothes at beginning of season and store in the same tub you have. I use cover scent, like Scent Away spray each time I go out. And I don't go out without Code Blue or Tinks 69, a grunt call, and a bleat call. Good luck out there. If you kill one you need to post a video of it. Or better yet, film the hunt, I have several kills on Youtube. Mark

  19. As always, nice video Ben! Makes me miss hunting…. My brother-in law always brings me a care package at Xmas time with venison and elk and i get the elk heart too, its my favorite!!

  20. We got Cabs and Bass pro within 15 miles apart. Lethal place to go when you got the funds lol

  21. How is your season going? I hunt manly state land. I have seen 12 does and 3 bucks in 3 days of hunting up north. No shooters yet.


    Good stuff, thanks for sharing Ben!!

  23. nice gear BTW good advise if you stink use the soap !

  24. Nice video Ben in zone 3 u can now hunt with pistol rifles from 357 up to 500 s&w . I hunt with a crossbow and muzzleloader in zone 3 . Saw three deer on Saturday no shot . I love the woods it's my church from this crazy world aim straight I'm out .

  25. is that the one in dundee

  26. awesome subject love it especially since I'm from Michigan I have nit hunted since 03 I killed a 8 point with a compound bow I miss it I have friends in upper Michigan with about 60 acres of private land great video thumbs up good memory flash back thanks

  27. We Are Redeemed By Grace

    Love the video!

  28. John Castellanos

    Great video

  29. Great video! Nice setup.

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