Hunting Gear & Review – NEW Great Wall Steed 2015

Hunting Gear & Review – NEW Great Wall Steed 2015


The Great Wall Steed has been an essential part of the team here at Team Wild TV. This pick up truck has travelled and traversed the length and breadth of the United Kingdom on our hunting trips. Not only that, the famous Team Wild TV Great Wall Steed has been seen travelling all across the globe.

Not only that, we bid farewell to the old, and hello to the new with the brand new introduction of the 2015 Great Wall Steed. We look into the all new features and specifications and see how this brand new pick up will fit into our hunting family.

A welcome edition to the Team Wild TV gear room and indeed the Team Wild family.

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  1. If i spend my money on one of these 4×4 for hunting & shooting.Can i get a gaurantee from the makers that they won't turn round & put my money into anti hunting organisation's.I'm talking about Looney Land Rover; a buisness that has been made with the money from farmers;gamekeepers & hunting/shooting people. Shame on land rover, It seems like they're following the city folk's purse strings now.If that's the case, Land rover is backing a dead horse ,Enviromentalist's don't want big cars polluting the citys & mums doing the school run in 4×4's will die a death long before i stop hunting.

  2. NeroFilm Productions

    Ford Ranger anyday for me thanks!! None of these cheap Chinese pickups!

  3. Timothy Burman

    Do have toyota trucks in the UK? They are the best period 217,000 miles very few problems. It has never let me down ever.

  4. Fantastic vehicle.

  5. I have shot 4 grouse and a rabbit and I'm 11

  6. Guys, can you please get back to your earlier style.  Good vids, Ian being Ian and a bit of banter.  This new direction leaves me cold

  7. What is your best kill?

  8. 5th like

  9. Billy98Sports

    First comment!

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