The Airgun Show – roving woodland hunt, how to zero, and gear from the British Shooting Show

The Airgun Show – roving woodland hunt, how to zero, and gear from the British Shooting Show

Join us on an evening wander in the woods. The aim of the roving session is to earmark quarry hotspots around the permission but Mat Manning still manages to shoot a few pests while he’s at it.
We’ve also got a roundup of airguns and gear from the British Shooting Show. The long list of highlights includes kit from Daystate, FX, Hawke, BSA, Highland Outdoors and much, much more.
This week’s packed show also features a tutorial on how to zero the scope on your airgun. Follow our step by step guide to ensure that your shots are right on target.


  1. Hi Mat great vid as always just a question about shooting up in to tree tops, do you aim at the zero of the rifle or do you need to hold over or under )if rifle is zeroed at 40yrds? or whatever the rifle is set at)

  2. Thanks very much Mat. The instructions in how to zero a scope are much appreciated. And they were easy to understand. Keep the good, easy to understand videos coming.

  3. LiamCoomber94 :

    Question?? I want to get into shooting.
    How do I get started.
    What is the best beginner rifle.

    Is there any videos or tips to get me started


  4. matthew seaton

    Can i ask where u got it bean bag seat from plz. Thank u

  5. You got any videos ect on the gamo black fusion(2017,2.2 calibre) ? I've just bought one a few weeks ago want to know best scope and silicon gel ect and would love to hear your views on "dieseling". Tia.

  6. Richard Mulder

    Love the intro music, great video

  7. Mustafa Albarak

    Hello Mat Manning, and other Airgun colleagues.Thanks for your video's, I live watching them all and I learn a lot from you. A question for you I have; I have bought the Russian Ataman hunting Rifle M2 cal. 30 muzzle velocity 300 m/s and 130 Joules = 96 fpe. I use 3.25 gram pellets, 52 grains. Can I use this rifle for deer and hog hunting in countries where this is legal? Many thanks in advance for your support. Kind regards Richard

  8. Mustafa Albarak

    Hi Mat. Two questions I need to ask you. In February 2017 I bought my new Russian Ataman M2 Carbine PCP Cal. 30. The energy it deliveres is 130 Joules, muzzle velocity is 300 m/s. I live in The Netherlands where there is no legal limit to the power of airrifles. Mat, using JSB pellets Exact Heavy 7.62 mm 50.15 grain, or Predator Polymag 44.75 grain pellets, considering the countries where it is legal, what is the largest game one can hunt with this rifle? And what do you think of the Russian Ataman brand? (I believe it is really fantastic). Thanks a million in advance for your response. Good luck with your Airgun shows. I love your work. Greetings from The Netherlands, Richard Mulder

  9. MrLongbow1415

    Hello, I started hunting way back in the early 80's, My first rifle was an ASI Sniper, bagged a few rabbits with it. Then onto a HW80, the rifle of the 80's…then onto pre charged BSA. No not much shooting now just have .25 BSA break barrel for the odd Rat and Squirrel in the Garden.  Great videos.

  10. very exactly

  11. hi mat great video as always where do you get your target holder from ive search for on but with no luck

  12. số 1 ok ok

  13. hi Mat i have no legs and love shooting do you know any wheelchair friendly places to shoot keep up the good work!

  14. Hey Matt another great video, what brand is that sling you use?

  15. Hi Mat, when you took that last squirrel up in the ash tree did you hold under or holdover for the shot???? Thanks

  16. David Johnson

    From watching this show.
    I am wanting to buy the new Cometa Bullpup mini but did not understand the <7.5 j is that 23 joules – 7.5 j = 15.5 j (11.8flb UK) or is it 7.5j =(5flb UK) please can you advise me. thank you. David.
    And they replied

    Thank you for contacting us!

    If you choose the <7.5J the air rifle will go with 7.5J of power, with the “F” sign marked.

    Please can you put this into plane terms for me as an older shooter i do not understand.
    Thanks David.

  17. charlie blsck

    hi mat do you need to re zero your gun after every fill because my gamo coyote seems to change zero after every fill. Charlie

  18. Sean McDaniel

    Where do you get the target holders you see at 25:14?

  19. Jamie Pinkston

    A big hello from across the pond, Mat. Excellent shooting and thanks for another great video. Can't wait to see the crack down on the crows.

  20. Hi Mat, always look forward to your show.
    I just wondered what make of target holder you use. I can't seem to find anything like it for sale.

  21. Hi Mat, you've probably been asked this loads of times before but, what sort of pellet do you use/recommend for hunting use? Cheers, Rob.

  22. Mat how about doing a show on setting up a night vision system excellent show

  23. Laurie Harper

    Excellent episode, Mat. Thanks.

  24. Hi mat another good vid 🙂
    is that your FAC .177 rifle? is that your goto gun?
    keep up the good work

  25. Air Gunnersen

    Hey Mat – I agree with BeachGunner – great vids & it'd be great to see you in action with a springer. I'm currently using a TX200 for my vids.

  26. I know it sounds silly but what is the peaked hat called? Or where can I purchase one from. Thanks

  27. Martin Spackman

    another great video, thanks Mat.

  28. Brilliant 'how to' section. Easy to understand instructions that would have saved me hours when I first started shooting.

  29. Matthew Pearsall

    great show matt could you tell us where you bought your hat

  30. another great vid Matt ,thanks very much.
    atb brian

  31. Trevor Collins

    Just a quick question Mat, what do you do with your squirrels?

  32. Hi Mat, I have a Gunpower .22 rifle, can you explain best way to clean thd barrel?

  33. Fine show as usual Mr. Manning. You must have done too good of a job on the Rats last year, but I bet they will make a comeback in the future. William, in the U.S.A.

  34. Nice show Mat, I'd like to see more shows on the use and features of some of the newer springer rifles on the market.
    I do realise that the manufacturers like to show off their PCP's but being as 'pricey' as they are, some of us viewers don't have that kind of budget.

  35. Great show!

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