2015 Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Rifle Season Part 2 of 2

2015 Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Rifle Season Part 2 of 2


Leatherwood Outdoors 2015 Deer Hunting. Follow Part 2 of John and Danielle’s week one of the Pennsylvania rifle deer season in clarion county. John starts out by hunting by himself and passing up a huge buck the day before doe season. The next day, Ron comes up to hunt and shoots a doe. A little while later, Danielle shoots here second doe with here .243 Savage.


  1. Good job Danielle at least you shoot deer that's what people want to see

  2. They are safe on your land as long as Ron or you Brother or cousin don't see them again you don't shoot nice buck everyone you see they always need another year but if they go on someone's else's land you may never see that deer again and stop telling your wife not to shoot deer because she will end up like you just videoing them

  3. You should make a video that you shoot deer even if it does because we all know that you don't shoot buck you just watch them

  4. Woah … now eating deer shit is what I call a dedicated hunter. So I think I will stick to the "urban" hunter style … and do it the "hard" way. 🙂 Opppppssssss. As I was gagging I didn't watch the next couple of seconds. Nice John … you got me.

  5. You guys have so much luck I have hunted since it was legal I'm now 15 yet to go a single buck y'all r so lucky

  6. Wow, she sure killed the hell out of that deer she did. That Deer never gonna see it's relatives again. haa    Good shootin.

  7. You sold of shot that buck.

  8. skluzacek farms since 1915

    What size grain bullet does danielle shoot out of that 243?

  9. All big big bucks are chicken shits they all come out at night

  10. I have that exact same 243

  11. I love seeing the ladies hunting. They tend to be good shots too.

  12. In all of your other videos you say it is not the antlers you eat

  13. Dropped a deer right in its tracks when I was 10 from about 100 yards away (about a football field away) with a 7mmo8 ruger American

    After that we skinned it and found out that I blew its shoulder blade into pieces

  14. Really enjoy all your video!

  15. Virginia Outdoorsman

    I fr thought he ate that deer shit lol

  16. Great video!

  17. You shoot the best videos ,, realy ,,like we are right there I video exactly like you , very coo. l

  18. was the big buck at 6:00 the same one as your 30-40 Krag buck? Awesome!

  19. Yea Danielle !!!! Ive been watching videos all day to see you get a deer!

  20. Gabe Williams Productions

    Danielle is hot

  21. I was hoping you actually ate that I wanted to read the comments so bad.

  22. Take me hunting for my first buck plz I would appreciate it

  23. Recently I purchased very nice old Savage Model 99 chambered in .250 Savage (AKA:.250-3000 Savage) and was told at the time of purchase that the round was still very popular in PA by deer hunters for it's effectiveness on white tails out to about 200 yards with 100 to 115 grain soft points. Do you know if that statement is/was true? I actually purchased the rifle,  ordered ammo for it, and plan to reload for it with the intent of using it on deer once we move back home to South Carolina. If you have access to a .250 (chambered in any rifle action type but the Model 99 would be great from my point of view) could you give it try while making a video during rifle season in PA? We currently live in Maryland and are in the process of remodeling, to some extent, our house so I'm going to miss yet another deer season so your videos on past and recent deer hunts are the closest I get to being there. Take care and have a great season! By the way I just discovered BOTH your channels last night and have been watching them back to back between working on the house. Great channels with fantastic content.

  24. 2 hunters 1 glove

  25. The Great Outdoors

    What kind of camera are you using.

  26. I wish all mountain fellas were like you and let them go another year . I have a 160 acres in Bradford that ain't worth shit. Oh well I guess . I hate the "didn't want to waste my tag mentality

  27. Dang she's a good shot!

  28. Betcha  Danielle'll smell the droppings on your breath. LOL

  29. She made a textbook shot. What bullet/load was that in her 243?

  30. At 4:42 You Should have opened up on him with The Grenade Launcher. By NOT Doing So, You Risked The Entire Community by Letting This wild Beast have the Chance to get Past The Wire and Do More of his Damage Killing, Raping & Pestilence + What he Did to that One Garden…..In a Moment Like This in the Near Future, You HAVE To Think of The Children and Grand Ma's at Home Watching TV in a Rocking Chair and a Cat pulling at her Knitting Yarn messing her Project all up….OK?….

  31. dear he ate deer. shit

  32. Michael Dickenson

    If you can see him. Shoot him.

  33. hi leather wood if I ever come to Pennsylvania can I come hunting with you

  34. Nice vid man I love filming in my stands to

  35. 2:13 The movie Sixth Sense

  36. Are you near Montrose Pennsylvania? That's where I hunt and I could hunt next you

  37. love the hunting

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