100gr bullet in .243Win – load development. Reloading for my deer hunting rifle: RoeStalker

100gr bullet in .243Win – load development. Reloading for my deer hunting rifle: RoeStalker


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https://www.patreon.com/roestalker Large deer (all bigger than roe deer) in Scotland can only be shot with 100gr bullets and heavier and minimum caliber is .243. As getting S/H .308 barrel for my Blaser R93 is not really happening just now I needed to develop suitable 100gr load for my .243 for this coming red deer rut and the rest of the season.
As I read a lot about .243 1:10 twist barrels not stabilizing 100gr projectiles I selected one of the shortest 100gr bullets for the job – Sierra ProHunter – which is short and flat base design.
I used Vihtavuori N160 powder and standard CCI 200 large rifle primers.
I found some new Norma brass and reloaded 5 different loads starting from 39gr up in 1gr intervals.
I am quite pleased with the results and 39gr load looks very promising.

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Deer stalking and hunting in Scotland.
Caza y rececho de corzo en Escocia.
Deer pronásledování a lovu ve Skotsku.
Hjorte pürsch og jagt i Skotland.
Herten jagen in Schotland.
Peuranpyynti Skotlannissa.
La chasse au cerf en Ecosse.
Jagd in Schottland.
Κυνήγι ελαφιών στη Σκωτία.
Szarvas vadászat Skóciában.
Caccia al cervo in Scozia.
Briežu medības Skotijā.
Škotijoje elnių medžioklės.
Hjortejakt i Skottland.
Polowanie na sarny i jelenie w Szkocji.
Caça ao veado na Escócia.
Охоты на оленя в Шотландии.
Rådjur jakt i Skottland.
İskoçya’da geyik avı.
Elnių medžioklė Škotijoje


  1. I never pick up my powder dribbler and spill powder all over the place.

  2. fallenpatriot 79

    243 is my favorite caliber. I don't do much hunting anymore but i have down two deer, one whitetail and one mule deer. I used a 100 grain nosler partition for both. The first was about 125 yards, it ran 75 feet or so the second was 275 yards, it went straight down. Both heart shots. I also killed two coyotes with a 70 grain nosler ballistic tip. They both dropped instantly. It's a great caliber.

  3. Nice Zeiss scope. I had a similar Zeiss Diavari in 3-12 x 56mm. When testing loads, you need to fire at least 3 or 4 five shot groups for accuracy. Statistically, one group won't do it. Looking at my old notes for a Ruger No. 1 (26" barrel) in a 243 Winchester, I used 70 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips and 100 grain Nosler Partitions, intended for varmints and medium game, respectively. Using the Nosler No. 7 manual as my reference: For the 100 grain Partition, with Remington virgin nickel cases, separated by weight, Win WLR primers, cases trimmed to 2.035" and COL of 2.675" (bullets seated .025" off the lands). I BRIEFLY went up to 47.0 grains of IMR 7828, (their most accurate powder for that bullet) and got 3195 fps . However, the maximum load for IMR 7828 was 45.5 grains which gave them 3123 fps. My gun, despite having a barrel 2" longer than their 24" Lilja, nevertheless, produced slightly less with the same load. Just shows you that the old saying: "Without a chronograph and micrometer, you only think you know what you are doing" is true. All the groups were around moa.

  4. what twist rate was the rifle.

  5. Why would anyone use a 243 when you can get a 25-06?

  6. Łukasz Świtalski

    witam. czy elaborowal pan pociski hornady sst 95grain w 243win prochem vv n160 bo nie moge manualu znalesc nawazki i o.a.l. DB.

  7. Christophe Têtu

    Interesting video. Thanks.

  8. The 85 grain BTHP would blow a groundhog in half at 200 yards.

  9. many years ago I loaded an 85 grain sierra BTHP for groundhog hunting with 36 grains of IMR 3031. It was pretty hot and extremely accurate out of a model 70 Winchester. That gun could handle it, but I started at 33 grains or so. I tried IMR 4064 with 90 Grain FMJ with about the same (following the reload manual) with Winchester cases that were once fired and it cracked the neck of the case every time. No idea why.

  10. Carsten Heunecke

    we need 9-10g and min. 2700j/100m (140-155gr 1991ft/lbs/109y) or 10g+ 2000j/100m.
    (155gr+ 1475 ft/lbs/109y)
    min. caliber .260 rem or 6.5×55.

  11. What is that bit of kit called that you use to measure the overall length that looks like a nut ?

  12. thanks you for your quality video.  good editing. great music choice .

  13. Hi , I am looking for a load for my cz 243 using hornady 100grn BTSP , I have vit n140 .. Can anyone advise



  14. HI:) IMR Powder IMR 4350  Bullet Diameter .243"  C.O.L. 2.650"                           
    Starting Load Grains 38.5  Velocity (ft/s) 2,760  Pressure 43,000 CUP 
    Maximum Load Grains 42.0  Velocity (ft/s) 2,958  Pressure 50,100 CUP
    Use Winchester WLR primer, 100gr Speer BTSP Don't use  CCI primers because they burn with about 6000psi less pressure so use the Winchester primes for best out come. Winchester WLR primers have around 12000psi more pressure than Remington 9-1/2 primers and CCI and Federal are in the middle. This is why primer type is important.

  15. Is that what Mac did after It Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Grew a beard and started shooting rifles?

  16. If I could figure out how to post a picture I would. It took some playing with the bullet length. And I came up with 0.37 grains of H-380, win brass, CCI primer and COAL of 2.775 I was getting sub moa groups at 100 yards.

  17. 95 grains worked awesome!

  18. Awesome Video. Just purchased some 95 grain sierra matchking. tried the 105 grain bergers and the rifle didn't like them.

  19. hi nice video,i have bought a box sierra pro hunt 100grs in 243win an i have a box of n160 powder my rifle is rem 700 sps what kind of load shuld i juse minmax

  20. Adam Nonnenmacher

    1 MOA grouping (assuming 100 yds), not bad. I think you could get it down to 0.5MOA with some work 😉

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