Diver duck hunting SLAUGHTER FEST!

Diver duck hunting SLAUGHTER FEST!


Limited out of divers we lost one bird that flew away but I blew its legs off so i claimed it as a downed bird.



  1. 5:25 Is a hen Ringneck and a hen Gadwall

  2. Are you using a maverick88?

  3. Bluebill = gross save the limit for cans and readheads

  4. Shit dude so fucking funny

  5. Awesome Video!!

  6. Man the guy filming can’t shoot worth a crap I would not shoot crows with you

  7. What lake

  8. Tones Adventures

    how many deeks did y'all sink on the first round? haha awesome hunt!

  9. Jonathan Boerema

    I love black clod, , when I can afford it

  10. Nice vid! Looks like you were stopping your swing and shooting behind some birds. That's cool though, it happens.

  11. I live and duck hunt in Minnesota, and specifically diver hunt. The limit is 2 blue bills. Your an idiot for giving a game warden video proof of your poaching experience.

  12. Same here in Arkansas

  13. What's yalls total limit?

  14. 140 Patrol Waterfowl

    Nice job fellas used to hunt southwest Minny, I know the camera doesn't do it justice, cool video

  15. Great job

  16. "looks like that thing would smoke cigaretes." i died lol

  17. I live in Northern MN!

  18. Blue bills are tough to kill that was awesome!

  19. Where were you guys hunting in MN? heard SW in the video, but just wondering. i probably hunt the same area as you guys

  20. give that Merganzer to the dog they taste bad but the others u shot taste good

  21. Good video, kill em and grill em. Say i know we aren't big on youtube but would you like to collab with us on a video? if so, please reply asap! thanks!

  22. Nice work on the lawn dart.

  23. good job on smacking them divers

  24. Nice hunt, have yet to harvest a diver myself in my well right around 40 years of hunting, may try for some this year since dabblers seem to be bypassing my area of Wisconsin last year and again this year.
    Well not really bypassing just staying in cities where they can't be hunted as they know they are safe there.
    Have about 250 geese sitting about a block and a half from my house and can't do anything but shake my fist at the smart bastards.

  25. DAMMM!! Got any shells left? Beautiful birds Matt great day burning that brass brother! Would have loved being there with!! O and I dig the intro man!

  26. What area are you guys from

  27. Nice video

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