Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season 2017 Part 1

Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season 2017 Part 1


Part 1 of Hunting Season For Jessie and I. We had some successes and failures along the way. Overall it was a great improvement from last year for sure!!


  1. Adirondack Hiker

    What length stove pipe did you get with your Seek Outside 4 person tipi?

  2. Bee' playzgames

    I KNOW exactly where u where ,if u wanna dm u can come on our propertys in Hayward we own 129 acres if u look on the wash burn county it's sugar bush ink u can come shoot a buck for us this year ,

  3. Looks like your camp is on Paya Lake Road.

  4. Wisconsin Homestead

    Just subbed to your channel! Got a decent buck this year myself. We only gotta wait 8 more months right? lol. If you'd consider supporting a fellow Wisconsin channel we'd surely appreciate it. Stay warm.

  5. Looks like bigfoot is going to pop out anytime!

  6. Rugged Outdoors

    Hi Dawn its Craig from the Bushcraft Family wanted to say great video and to let you know that we have rebranded to The Rugged Outdoors we made the mistake of changing the name on the channel before we did a video to explain what was happening DOH!!!!! but anyhow great video and hope you guys warmed back up

  7. Rolling Homestead and Wild Edibles in WI

    Hello Dawn Hope you are doing well. We are back and with new content. Hope to see ya around. Take care my friend.

  8. Nathanial's Adventures

    Nice,I love deer hunting,I have a few in the freezer myself,I subbed, I have a channel myself check it out if you like,thanks for sharing,really enjoyed

  9. Great video thanks for sharing

  10. How do you sleep at night without answering me!! LOL!! Merry one Dawn!

  11. Are there Bears out there too?

  12. SouthPaw Bushcraft


  13. Flint and Steel Survival

    Ah man! They spooked your doe! Keep at it ladies you will get ya a few!

  14. Luck to you young ladys!

  15. Your teepee is great.. I hope you have better luck in Part 2. I know around here there has not been that much luck, but it was really warm during deer season. Thank you for the video, Dawn and Jessie

  16. Rogue Preparedness

    I love your teepee. I'm surprised you didn't see more, if it's cold enough to snow, they should have been up and about and wandering all around. Hope you have success!

  17. Scottish Wanderer - Wild Camping And Cooking

    Hope you get a deer Dawn hows things hope you and Jessie are doing good catch you in part2

  18. Nice area! Hope you get your deer!
    Hope your doing good Dawn, its been awhile!

  19. great looking woods for sure

  20. Nice deer woods, at least you got snow. All we had was rain and 60 degree weather

  21. Wishing you the best of luck! I shot a doe and the second one just went to feeding. My son took a buck and the does just stood there. We can take either sex, 2 a day on private land, so he took another doe. The sound really doesn't scare them out of the area.

  22. Wallace Vivian's Adventures

    great spot for hunting,hope you success soon.take care

  23. SunsetBay Bonnie

    tough nothin yet, but i have hopes for u

  24. Enjoyed yr vid.thanks for sharing. Where is this? Peace.

  25. Cheri Schwabenland

    That stove looks like it heats up that teepee real well. Just love seeing Jessie out in the woods! Watching this makes me want some hot cocoa! I hope you get your deer.

  26. Massachusetts Prepper

    It definitely looks like it was a beautiful day for sure. And it sounds like Jessie was excited about doing a little mudding on the way out. That really stinks of those guys came hot running through on their Jeep and scared off the deer before you could get a shot off. And I hope you and yours had a fantastic Thanksgiving as well my friend. Those are some nice sized fungus on that tree for sure. Thanks for sharing Dawn.

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