Deer Hunting QOW: What If I Only Get Nighttime Trail Cam Photos?

Deer Hunting QOW: What If I Only Get Nighttime Trail Cam Photos?


Realtree’s Josh Honeycutt explains what to do if you only get photos of your target deer at night.
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  1. I've noticed some of the biggest I've hunted ( Kansas Flinthills) take forever to get to the food, marking in different ways. I once found a buck I'd been after for two years laying in a pasture, second time I'd ever seen him after 100s of pics. He went just under half mile (had him on a cam at 5:40 am) laid up on side Hill with the road in in his view. The last 3 hrs before dark he got up, did a 180 and went right back down. I thought he'd get up at dark but no..i laid there for over 3 hrs bow in hand only to climb down some steep ground in the dark.

  2. are you a elf

  3. When you move your cameras around do you use corn, or mock scrapes to get photos of the bucks or just put it on different deer trails hoping you find him?

  4. background music way to loud

  5. All of my deer come out right after shooting light so just when you can't see 40 yards and they stay all night so I don't know how to get them out

  6. Probably the best answer to this question I've ever heard. Most guys on these "hunting" shows have bucks come out at all times. I've hunted for 25 years and my experience is this is never the case. I never see bucks strolling out in the middle of a field in the daytime. Never. But they are all over my cameras at night. So this answer makes perfect sense.

  7. i hace only 15 acres and have a big 8 point and 6 point coming in early am what do i do

  8. I got two does on my property that come out 30 min after sunset(too late to shoot) and they won't come earlier what should I do?

  9. Michael'sOutdoorLife

    This is a good tip.

  10. Awesome great info thank you

  11. laughing pancake

    so i have had a buck for 2 years now on cam that is betwwen 4 to 6 years old and last year i would see it almost every day in the field behind my house then when hunting came it disapeard and i thought someone got it but tits back this year (even bigger then before) but i dont see it ass much just to sets of picturs on my trail cam do u think that its main area could still be near me

  12. eu sou brasileiro e eu nao entendo nada o q ele fala kkkk

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