EXCELLENT Flooded Timber Duck Hunt

EXCELLENT Flooded Timber Duck Hunt


The purest form of true Arkansas green timber duck hunting..
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ARKANSAS: Limits Out In The Timber!!


  1. A good location is all I can say, because the calling kinda sucks…LOL

  2. Bayou Meto?

  3. Any suggestions on who to go hunt with a see some of this green timber action!?!

  4. Wow 40 degrees?! I hunt in Florida and I would not be hunting in that weather

  5. Don't trick the wick Wikum

    Great hunting video. Keep up the good work. I duck hunt myself, and I aint a very good caller yet, but iim gettin their.

  6. Crazy bayzy Hunting Fishing

    Great video, Liked and subscribed!

  7. One of the best vids of duck hunting +1 sub

  8. powderedtoastmanzack

    Beretta A300?

  9. Awesome video!! Being from Michigan we don't have the flooded woods like that. I would love to try the flooded woods down there atleast once!

  10. outerbanksoutdoors

    Hello, Ray here, I just sent you an email to your youtube inbox

  11. Where is this

  12. u guys should check out habitat flats we smokem

  13. TheNaturalCalling

    Thank you, John!

  14. Love this video.hope y'all turn out to be pros. On national tv

  15. Shot too early at 5:36, but y'all still lined em up on the log so thats all that matters.. Just one question, what is that call that your blowing on the first two hunts? Sounds like a daisy cutter? I want that sound so bad. Love that chatter and greeting, sounds like Ronquests DC…… Good Job Guys

  16. 4:40 is awesome!

  17. Best duck hunting video I've ever seen on youtube! Gets me fired up!

  18. Hey man is this the 4th episode or is there another one comin? We started filmin this year and will be up there filmin a lot this year.we got a waterfowl supply website southernwaterfowlsupply, check us out on Facebook and on the site good luck this season and I enjoy watching u guys. Maybe we can get together and film sum this year my name is Rodney hill u already have me as a friend on fb

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