Cross Trail Outfitters – Duck Hunt

Cross Trail Outfitters – Duck Hunt


Cross Trail Outfitters is a Christian youth hunting and fishing club for youth ages 7 to 20. We pass along our American outdoor heritage while teaching lessons about life, maturity and faith. Watch as a group of young men experience their first duck hunt. Learn more about CTO.
Video produced by Outdoor Adventure Films.


  1. That video should get more thumbs up for the work

  2. I love this can't wait to take my kid

  3. I’m in this organization and trust me it’s awesome

    And I just started a YouTube channel and I would like it if anyone would subscribe?

  4. My grandson he lives on a lake with his dad and he,s 12 and he goes hunting at 1 o’clock to set his decoys and he useley kill a lot

  5. The second bird I've slowed it down and looked at who shot, the second kid in line killed the drake. Not the kid that called it.

  6. I love watching these videos my dad and I hunt together and we also are Christian I really like seeing that there's kids like me that love the same things I do and worship the creator!

  7. Check out my show. Father and son outdoors.

  8. I love what y'all are doin with this. Takin kid on the best hunt of their lives

  9. where was this? California?

  10. Are there any hunting clubs that don't have any religious affiliation? Kinda awkward being an agnostic atheist and an outdoorsman.

  11. He said swan decoys -_-

  12. hah that's awesome

  13. Awesome job!

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