THE TENT. Deer Hunting 2017. Second day of hunting update.

THE TENT. Deer Hunting 2017. Second day of hunting update.


The weather might break tomorrow but today was cold and wind. Zachary, Samantha and Emily headed home, George stopped by and more clearing of the continually falling trees. Low of 13 tonight and a high of 26 tomorrow, possibly even some sunshine.


  1. J & J True Outdoor Adventures

    Joe, by the end of the second day I had done harvested two nice bucks here in WV. But we didn't have weather like you had up there. I harvested my 8 pointer on Monday around 10:20AM (just got the mount back this month) and then got my 6 pointer on Tuesday. Always look forward to your videos Joe!! Juddie – J & J TOA

  2. why do you not drive your truck in when it snows rather you walk across the lake??? Also, is there a way to follow you on a daily basis or a way to interact with you more than just waiting on videos?

  3. Hey can you please get back to me on what video shows your shower system at the tent I saw it one time and can't find it I would like to do the same thing you do. Thanks Mike.

  4. so …when do we get to see the 2017 movie???

  5. Any thoughts about a portable sawmill when it comes time to build a cabin?

  6. josh the scratch man

    Can wait for the movie to come out soon

  7. Goubert outdoors

    hey jo when is the next part comeing up

  8. I hope everything went well with u guys. Can't wait for the full movie. I check the channel everyday to make sure not to miss it.

  9. The guy that tilled your garden last year told me about your channel. I have a place 15mi North of TH. What lake are you on?

  10. Train Conductor

    Are you guys OK? No new post

  11. Did you stop hunting?? No videos showing up????

  12. The versatile hunter

    oh man Joe, I just saw on my local weather yall are gonna have some awful weather for the next weekend. Good luck on the next weekends hunt. Keep warm!!

  13. Do u get any bear up there?

  14. Upstate ny deer season starts November 18

  15. No updates

  16. When's the movie premier ! Come on man !

  17. Sarah will shot the first one I bet.

  18. Mountain Ten Hunting Club

    It’s the tough years of getting no deer that make the one you get all the more special. That being said, you guys are due for one! Good luck Joe.

  19. Thumbs up!

  20. Love your show! With that perfect snow time to get out of the Stand and hunt them like you do grouse. Time to build that cabin.

  21. What are your tent dimensions? It looks like a nice size.

  22. I was checking out videos I've missed over the years, and I notice that you've been going to Louisiana for a LONG time. Did you have a connection to Louisiana (family, friends, ANOTHER "tent") before you met Melissa?

  23. I like the little teaser updates………………bad weather sucks but still a great family hunting weekend for you all. Thanks for posting.

  24. NewToysCollector

    80 degrees here in Ga

  25. No snow here in Northern New Hampshire, good luck with the deer!

  26. Good luck with the hunt

  27. joe , can you give me any tips on the divorce deal as its coming

  28. Are season opener is on the 15th can't wait… good luck!!

  29. Nice hawg

  30. Keep at it brother….

  31. Hey send us some snow and cold weather up here in Maine we would appreciate it 🙂 good luck hunting

  32. You have a great place there

  33. Joe what is your P.O. Box address because I really want to send you fan mail

  34. Wonderful living place

  35. Love the updates as the weekend goes! Thanks for not making us wait until it is over. Feel like we are riding along! Looking forward to the "Movie".

  36. Jedi Master Joe

    is english a Second language to your dad cause he sounds like he as a accent

  37. I was wondering if you ever consider a ham radio at the tent?

  38. Hunt mid day as much as you can

  39. Congrats Zac and bride!

  40. Hi not a good day for hunting dear good luck buddy

  41. Thanks joe

  42. thanks for the updates joe,good luck to you and your daughter sarah, dave from the uk

  43. It's 6° this morning with a bright moon over here by Viking. Staying near the coffee pot this morning!

  44. To tell the truth I’m so enjoying the look on your face with all your grown children….people don’t do that like when I grew up…so nice to see again…I’m 64 and you brought back lots of good memories….so good seeing a family still being a family!!!!!!!!

  45. MsPrincesspaulina

    Joe: Here's an idea. If the deer aren't moving why not put Sarah in her stand and you walk the woods and try and drive the deer to her? My thinking is, if the deer are bedded down and you all sit in stands you'll never get a shot because neither one of you are moving. But if you force the deer to move towards Sarah she might get a shot. I'm not a hunter so this maybe complete B.S. but it's a thought.

  46. Politics Are My Thing

    I have a few albino bucks on my property hoping to snag one for my first deer! Good luck on day 3!

  47. I know it's all about the weather. Michigan starts on the 15th and we'd love to have snow but only a few inches please. Enjoy watching you and family with live feed, family and friends being together is what deer season is all about.

  48. I texted my group in the Huntersville St. Forest and they had the same story that you guy's had. Lot's of heavy snow! Maybe during the weekday you'll have better luck because of fewer hunters. Just the experience alone is priceless! Good luck!! Semper Fidelis

  49. Hope you get a buck this year Joe..

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