20 Things You DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD DO in Red Dead Online!

20 Things You DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD DO in Red Dead Online!


Red Dead Online: 20 Huge Tips and Tricks! Including 20 Red Dead Online Tips and Tricks that are Extremely Helpful! Including how to break free from Lassos, Hunt Faster and more!
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  1. I ain't going to another barber until the lipstick glitch is gone

  2. What accent is this?

  3. You gotta take your carcasses to the bootcher!!!!

  4. Can someone please tell me how to get the hat he is wearing at 3:11 ive looked through every clothes shop and its not there

  5. Unlike most tip videos, these were all new to me and all actually helpful so thanks

  6. RT to shoot

  7. I know all of these tips,and probably everyone else,this video ain't very good

  8. Kekistani Overlord

    20 useless tips for RDR2 that won’t make your online experience any less boring and won’t prevent being dropped from the server ever ten minutes.

  9. How can I buy mask in rdr online

  10. What is the jacket of you tuber on 0:12

  11. 12 things you already knew about Red Dead Redemption Online

  12. Amazing tips…. Thankyou.

  13. Unfortunately im stuck with a permanent glitch atm when it comes to fishing.. after buying 20+ worm bait it no longer lets me select it on the bait wheel when i have my fishing rod out, I've checked my inventory and yes it's there.

    I've tried restarting etc but it no longer lets me, has anyone else got this problem and if you've solved it can you tell me, i can't fish anymore with the bait i got and deleting it isn't an option either ._.

  14. Tip: Go to Lemoyne and hunt Heron and Spoonbills. Plumes go for $1.50 and $1.95. Each bird can drop up to three plumes

  15. Lassoing a running deer is not easy.

  16. That’s my horses name to!!!

  17. I love slapping my horses ass it makes me moist

  18. That buckle one helps soo much.

    Also when you go hunting, make sure your brake down/butcher the carcass. (Go to your satchel.)
    This sometimes give you more money, or it’s just a way to carry more items.

  19. Sad to say rdr2 online is really really shit.

  20. Another tip is if u want to carry extra carcasses u can have a spare horse with lvl 1 bonding, put the carcasses on the horse and whistle it all the way to the butcher. You can carry 2 carcasses if the horse doesn't have a saddle.
    Also does anyone know how to leap away from bullets?

  21. Just subbed! Amazing video

  22. How did he lasso your feet together

  23. Simon Rodríguez

    Good video

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