Vizsla Deer hunting New Zealand

Vizsla Deer hunting New Zealand


First hunt with my 9 month old Vizsla, wasn’t filming when i shot the second deer unfortunately.


  1. Just curious, but why hunt with suppressors?

  2. damn that view at 2:00 sweet

  3. Looking really good for only 9 months old mate! Must be working really well now…..a couple of years later!

  4. DellBoy | Fish n Hunt

    Good vid.

    Notice the alternating front and hind leg raise – I was told once, front legs means they're unsure – and hind leg is when they're confidently on the point !

  5. NarrativeDiscourse

    Great dogs what kind is the white one?

  6. Good video of a great dog. I look forward to the day I go hunting with one. Well done.

  7. 4.30 that dog was shocked

  8. nice vid but sad for the deer

  9. Chris Konopasek

    Nice vid

  10. Beyond The Wire Productions:Hunting & Fishing

    Nice vid Adam

  11. Hi what brand suppressor is that and what calibre? Cheers

  12. Your dog has a long tail. It wasn't cut down to size like other vizslas. Any reason why?

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