Duck Hunting – Setting a Jerk Rig

Duck Hunting – Setting a Jerk Rig

12 (Information, Products, Videos, Expert Advice and more…) Pro Staff Dave Hochman shows us how to set up a jerk rig using you duck decoys. A sure fire way to bring more motion to your spread next time your in the field.


  1. anyone ever use a jerk rig in slightly rippled water?

  2. Kill Shot Outdoors

    Very nice, I made one myself and works great

  3. I thought lead was uhh un healthy for game???

  4. do the pooches ever get hung up on the rig when they go out to retrieve? how do you prevent that?

  5. Dog looks bored

  6. Awesome video, especially for a novice duck hunter like me who kept hearing about a "jerk line rig" but had no clue what it was. This cleared things up nicely. Thanks for posting it!

  7. @duckman1106 i betcha that 3-4 Coots on a jerk rig, being yanked as hard as you can would be about as realistic as it gets! damn coots never stop splashing around.

  8. @NzDuckShooter LOL thats the best thing ive ever heard!

  9. all we do is hook three together with one base weight and tie them together and then tie a piece of fishing line to ones neck

  10. dang i really like this ill have to maek one

  11. Jerk cords rule. I like to tie the bungee end to a stake. You tend to pull weights in and have to throw them back out all the time. I like the part about running the cord under the boat to hide it. Never thought about that.

  12. Real Outdoors TV

    Great job Dave … cool tip … and that motion makes a big difference on hard hunted birds.

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