Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Boar – Gordon Ramsay

Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Boar – Gordon Ramsay


WARNING – this clip contains very graphic scenes of animal butchery. Gordon heads to Georgia and learns how to hunt and butcher wild boar, then cooks up a feast.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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  1. Sometimes i feel sad for animals. Sometimes i dont really care

  2. Martin Smallwood

    I don't know how much more i can respect chef Ramsay.

  3. Rulf Jefferson Antegra Custodio

    i feel bad for the pig

  4. Who the heck would give Gordon Ramsay a gun.

  5. Is it he really hunt it?

  6. Wierd neither the military nor the producers thought of hearing protection. Fuckin ninnies

  7. Chris Richardson

    Gordon Ramsey is the best absolutely… amazing chef… And this video is probably one of the best

  8. uses gun

    Gordon: It’s dry…

  9. pig titan

  10. If I saw Jordan Ramsey on a battlefield I'd force our country to retreat

  11. Nigga i knew you're a apart of the army all of those swearing

  12. They got hunting camouflage on but bright fluorescent jackets lol. Do they wanna be seen or not ?

  13. 4:48 should be a minecraft death for pigs lol

  14. It’s_ya_boi 34

    They should show this to a animals right activist

  15. There’s the army…

    And then there’s Gordon

    No one fights him unless they wanna die

  16. Humans about wild boars in their natural habitat: They eat all the nutrients, they eat all the bugs, they eat all the roots and all the tubers out of the ground.

    meanwhile humans on earth: massive pollution. thousands of species and whole ecosystems driven to extinction. global warming. wars. mass destruction.

    but yeah you go get those nasty piggies!! those little shits deserve to be roasted!

  17. Pumba have left the chat

  18. camouflage and high-vis jackets nice

  19. The poor animal why???This is so sad.Why a hog and not a pig from the farm he had a family!!Maybe he had kids Jeez

    My head is so dizzy now

  20. this is so american my brain cells are eagle screeching to death

  21. now im scared

  22. Must been a hard decision for you to kill the pig

  23. Lil brownzay Gameing

    RIP hog

  24. 1/2 cup of tomato puree = 1 large Ramsay "tablespoon"

  25. No meat testing?

  26. That Major Toon is such a dignified classy guy. Good work major, American pride.

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