GOT THE HUNTING RIFLE | H1Z1 Battle Royale #20

GOT THE HUNTING RIFLE | H1Z1 Battle Royale #20


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  1. 30 + 270 = 400+ bullets

  2. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

    Is his ATV made by Ferrari? Does it compete in the Nitro series? Why does it go 0-200mph in 1 second?

  3. Anybody else see the dude running in the house on the left at 13:20 ?

  4. idk but I died at "I got no space for that? Bitch, I got a Tan Military Backpack." lmao

  5. big t should team up with optic midnite on h1z1

  6. Remember them helmates lol

  7. so you get a hunting rifle, then get into a medium to long range engagement and you dont use it…. come on BigT

  8. Broooo missed the ghillie suit as well

  9. Damn big T you always miss the good shit. A FUCKING GHILLIE SUIT!!! And that ending….Wow you suck dude. BigT has no clue how to have a gun fight with anyone. Just sit there camping behind a tree while the guy grenades you. You can't just fucking sit there and expect someone to walk right up to you. I mean you have the hunting rifle and your shooting at some one a mile away with the AR. You play this game like its your first time ever playing a FPS. Just sad and hard to watch from someone who used to be a pro gamer.

  10. I wanted to see the Ghillie suit!

  11. "picks up hunting rifle , uses AR for his first long range engagement"

  12. Casey Heikkinen

    King of the trees

  13. Should of picked up the ghille suit

  14. Question for anyone: Is this game realistic? For example you have to shoot above their head at range.

  15. wake up bitch

  16. You finally get the rifle, but, you chose to AR lol

  17. Patrick Sampson

    Love this series!

  18. talkin about leaving molotov in slot 3 when your dumbass is shooting at him with an AR-15 from a mile away when you got the damn sniper with 20 .308 bullets. smh

  19. Pleaseeeee stream this. I'd watch all day.

  20. Start click baiting please lol I want you to get more views

  21. Crushing -Titan

    BigTymer, the guy from Arkansas that can't believe there are a few AR's in a trailer park…

  22. yo bigt, just an idea for another game you could play for your YT! how about World of Tanks?

  23. What's the name of this game and what console

  24. You need to start picking up waist packs. They can hold up to 300 where as your belt pouch holds only 100.

  25. Love this series. Keep it up!

  26. I miss "wake up bitch"

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