Medical Assistant and a Phlebotomist; hear their job hunting tips – July 29, 2016 Afternoon Vlog

Medical Assistant and a Phlebotomist; hear their job hunting tips – July 29, 2016 Afternoon Vlog


Surpriiiiiiiiiise!!! Friday Afternoon Phlebotomy Vlog (smile) Tips on getting that job!!
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Phlebotomy BASICS! 8 Tips for a Successful Venipuncture
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Phlebotomy order of draw (Part 1)

Phlebotomy order of draw (Part 2)

Phlebotomy Miss ID (Part 1)

Phlebotomy Miss ID (Part 2)

Venipuncture with 21G Butterfly Needle

How to Pack your Specimens

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BD Vacutainer Tube Guide

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  1. Is your clinic hiring? I'm a RMA

  2. I feel a little better going on externship in three weeks

  3. 5/2018, thank you

  4. Shell’s Healing Journey

    All these Ladies looking for work and no one is hiring? It makes you wonder if going through the school and paying money is worth it if we cannot get a job.

  5. This is my face I am a CADET

    Have you ever think about being a MA?

  6. By the way, ladies, any tips on how I can critique my resume, to the point of awesomeness??? Apparently, so far, mines don't seem to be making much of an impression.  Thanks.

  7. Thank you ladies, so MUCH, for sharing your tips with us.  Danielle, offering your service free for thrity days, what an awesome and determine attitude!!  Thanks again.

  8. haha what a laugh.. that was good fun 🙂

  9. still haven't found a job

  10. where do you find jobs in phlebotomy to apply for? Should you go in person to medical clinics and hospitals?

  11. it is hard to find job without paid experience i am a certified Medical Assistant, CNA and Registered Phlebotomy Technician, i did my externship, volunteer, applying hundreds of time online even walking in on clinics and giving my resume, so far no Luck, i am working as a caregiver, i want to take the nursing program but i am afraid i end up no working as one

  12. Thanks for sharing . I've been looking for a MA position since I graduated in 2014. I always bypass the applications that say 1 year of experience is a requirement. Maybe that's one of reasons why I haven't had any luck. Currently working as a CNA and it's not…I repeat, not my cup of tea. Going to continue my search.

  13. Did Danielle talk to the doctor or the people at the front desk when she said that she will work for free for thirty days.

  14. I'm glad I ran across this video..I saw a few jobs I wanted in my area that required 2 to 3 now I feel like i may have a chance with that job but I am going to be doing my externship soon also… I'm praying.. thanks for the video

  15. I'm a single mom who wants to better my career so I'm looking into going back to school to become a medical assistant.

  16. I want to start school feel nervous

  17. Danielle Her Smile, I Love Her Spirit. Great Video 🙂

  18. Thanks so much for sharing ladies! Beautifully spirited and encouraging!

  19. I took Medical Assistant and Medical Terminology and once that was completed my area just wasn't hiring. I wish I would have thought about volunteering for a while to get my foot in the door, that probably would have worked. Good tip. That's what made me take phlebotomy.

  20. Thank you all for this! Much love! ❤️

  21. Thank you guys!! Graduating as an MA in two weeks needed this advice!!

  22. very helpful. thank you very much. I just passed my state exam and I am ready to get a job. hopefully I will find something soon.

  23. Great Tips. I'm a RMA out of work. So this was a good video.

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