Secrets Revealed About Buck Dispersal – Deer Hunting

Secrets Revealed About Buck Dispersal – Deer Hunting

8 Watch to learn more about when, how and why bucks disperse every year to set up new home ranges and establish territory. Also learn about one of the hottest deer calls that is versatile enough to work on bucks and does. Dan Schmidt hosts. Deer Talk Now. Season 4. Episode 121. Original air date: July 7, 2015.


  1. 6:31 deer farts

  2. steven williams

    How do you use a deer call?

  3. Christopher Ellis

    Nature's Way of avoiding inbreeding; terrain and presence of predators.

  4. Timothy Nicholas Tracy

    Hi Deer and Deer Hunting , First time hunter. I am going to be hunting in an airport area in South NJ where i can only scout two weeks before start of season with a season only two weeks long shotgun season , No baiting and no still hunting. We can only take 1 buck and are unlimited on Doe. Do you have any suggestion on finding and attracting the Doe.

  5. A lot of info to say, well it depends…………on many factors…………………so nothing specific

  6. Tyrion Targarian

    A lot of young bucks also do not leave home ranges. Across the country the same bucks stay on scouting cameras year after year.

    I'm not saying young bucks don't travel they do buy bucks like humans some do not go far from where they are born.

  7. How can I increase the amount of deer I see when I can't do anything to the land I hunt

  8. Hey look, some of those buck deer have strings attached and they look like puppets!

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