Determine a Buck’s Age Just by Looking at It – Deer Hunting

Determine a Buck’s Age Just by Looking at It – Deer Hunting

0 Here’s how to tell the age of a whitetail buck using trail camera photos and other techniques. Season 1 Ep. 15. Original air date: Sept. 23, 2015


  1. Could have spent more time on the characteristics of the aging of the dear. You guys spent 5 minutes on aging and the rest on accuracy of the guess. Sorry if I'm being too douchey but I see alot of deer in my area and it's difficult to get a feel for their age since I do let the smaller ones walk through hoping to get the older guys out of the woods. I do appreciate the videos not many places to find this info

  2. Any deer experts here ? We have a deer hanging around a field in our village. ( 4,000 people) It is all alone & is here every day. He/she worries me & I dont know if I should be calling our Ministry of Natural Resources. See it everyday around 4-8pm. Doesn't have any antlers. And seems to be young. Any advice from deer people appreciated & do not say fatten it up as I dont kill wildlife.

  3. Great video. I look forward to the videos and learning new Deer hunting techniques

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