Duck Hunt – Colorado

Duck Hunt – Colorado


Colorado has a lot to offer. I have been spending a lot of time Duck hunting and wanted to bring you along for the hunt this time. Duck hunt once and you will know what it felt like to fish for the first time. It’s a bad an expensive addiction.

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Location: North Eastern Colorado
Date: 11/28/16
Fish Caught: 0 DUH. And no birds…
Top lure, bait, fly: 12 Gauge!


Film Equipment
Camera – Canon 60D (
Lens- Canon 18-135mm (
with Mic – Movo 100 (
GoPro – Hero4 Silver (
with Mic – Movo 100 (
Wind Screen – Movo WS10n (
Case – Sametop Frame (
Chest Mount – (
Extra Batteries/Charger – Smatree (
Editing Software – iMovie (10.1.1)

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  1. You need to brush that blind in wayyyyy more. make it invisible. Their eyesight and intelligence is much better than you'd think! Good luck this season.

  2. At least you got buzzed! better some action then none in my opinion!

  3. Tristate Waterfowlers

    I would bet that the ducks wouldn't finish because your blind doesn't blend in well with your surroundings. Try adding some natural vegetation, or dulling down your ghillie/raffia grass with camo spray paint. We pushed mallards out of a slough in Washington this year, and when they returned they just wouldn't finish, and we were hid very well. The slight variation in the color of our natural grass, versus this part of the river, really hurt us. Had we been more vigilant, we would have killed a 3 man limit, instead we only got the opportunity at a few ducks. Hope this helps, good luck!

  4. Plz do more hunting vids i love them 🙂

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