River Treasure: Aquachigger / DALLMYD Mega Treasure Hunt

River Treasure: Aquachigger / DALLMYD Mega Treasure Hunt


This is the final day of my river treasure adventures with DALLMYD down south. We find some great treasures and TONS of lures. The huge amount of finds at the end of the video are from two days of river searching. We had a BLAST and I hope you do too! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to us both 😉


  1. Name a more icon duo I’ll wait

  2. Judy Williams nicholas

    What do you do with all the fishing lures you find

  3. I like the fact that Jake takes all the garbage I would like to see you take more of the garbage out

  4. You guys are in Columbus, GA I am so glad you guys to see ya'll.

  5. this is an awesome video. I LOVE watching Jake but, you are the man that got me hooked on watching diving videos.

  6. good god that river has lead poisoning.lol
    btw..lead is hanging around a 1.00 a pound atm.

  7. That was pretty funny with the sun fish! Lol

  8. LOL on the post script comment…loved it…poor little bluegill/sun fish lmao

  9. seriously can die happy now .

  10. My two favorite people!!

  11. That DieHard battery is worth twenty-five bucks

  12. 4:10 are those rings

  13. Er mai gerd, that river has everything at the bottom. Sinker nest to phones, as expected.

  14. With the kevlar lines you really need to have some super line scissors 'and' an really sharp knife….scary sharp. Kinda sharp won't get it. You are not going to break even 20 lb mush less 60 or 80 pound. The diameters of the line is so much smaller you may not see it until you are hung… Fun video!

  15. How long did it take u, to catch those lures??

  16. yay for saving the catfish!

  17. It’s a BIG WHEEL…..handle bars …lol good one …

  18. Dennis The Menance

    I Buy a Fishing License in my State to go Treasure Hunting and In the neighboring State of Minn.. and if I go to other states? I do the same- Out of state License ( ave $25) and Less now since I'm a Senior Citizen and a Veteran.. All you udders ought to do the same..

  19. Chigger and Dallmyd those two guys are my favorite and the videos are great. Keep it coming

  20. Kopperstoned Kidd

    Finaly someone is tryn to explain lol i been tryn to find out for days what that is!!!

  21. Discovered this guy's videos by chance, and now I'm hooked, don't know why the hell I hold my breath when he says that

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