Deer Hunting: Tips & Strategies For Success (#352)

Deer Hunting: Tips & Strategies For Success (#352)


Hunting strategies shared at our 6th annual Fall Field Day event. Tips and tactics for early to late season deer hunting tactics, scouting whitetails, food plots, mock scrapes, habitat management, and much more!
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  1. Surprisingly, I've improved a lot with my bow. I got a new bow after outgrowing my old one. (I'm a 14 year old girl lol.) Anyways, I got a 70 pound draw-back, Bear bow. And it's so awesome. It shoots smoothly and it's becoming pretty accurate. After shooting for 2 days, about 3 hours a day, I was shooing coke cans every shot at 20-30 yards. I'm so excited to go hunting with it. I've gotten two bucks with my .357 rifle/singleshot. Hunting is such a big part of my life. Good luck to everyone this season!

  2. 44 Gallon Gray Trash Can

    Please keep making videos they make my day

  3. I live in Ontario Canada and on my trail camera I have 3 moose a bull and 2 cows bullying my deer and scaring them away from my stand so I don't know what to do

  4. 28 days. I won't hunt opening day because it's on a Saturday and everybody goes out in the weekends. I got my first deer last year, a young 8 pointer, and I hope to fill both my tags this year. Thank you for all he tips and I'll get a grunt call to see what I can do with it. I bring my hooks turkey call with me when I go to Wisconsin. I see turkeys in the fields all the time and it's fun to call and get them to respond.

  5. Okay I will

  6. Thank you and God bless y'all, I just got a new diamond bow. I can't wait to get my first bow kill!

  7. Do the nitrogen nodules produced by the beans have immediate affects on the plants around them or do they have to decay to release? So what I'm asking if you were to sow beans in between rows of corn would the corn get the benefits of the beans immediately?

  8. The Farm Productions

    Another great epsiode!! Would love for you to check out my preseason preparation video over at my channel!! Thanks and let me know what you think

  9. FALCONS_HUNTER hunter

    Thankyou for all the info in this video Growingdeer

  10. Waterfowl will be my main focus for this fall, still will be putting the time In to try to harvest a deer with the bow.

  11. Are you guys ever going to make a trip up to the Ohio bass Pro shops??

  12. Dang I had no idea hunting could be so complicated. This past season was my first year to ever hunt and even first year to shoot a bow. First time I ever hunted I just sat inside my brothers tool shed and shot a 8 point buck when it stepped from the woods into the back yard. He tasted pretty good. That was with a $300 bow I bought off of eBay. Then a month later I stood beside a big tree on some Army Corp public hunting land. A few hours later I shot a 4 year old 12 point buck with that same $300 bow. I guess some guys have all the luck. I've marked deer hunting off my bucket list. I may try my hand at golf.

  13. CONGRATS to all the award winners…WELL deserved!!

  14. Triplethreatoutdoors

    Thank you so much I've learn so much from y'all and y'all have motivated me to start filming my hunt and good luck this year during hunting season!!

  15. you guys have some nice deer on you're property. this is my second year of hunting. hopefully I can get my first deer

  16. Love of the Outdoors

    Nice to see a prayer session! Too many people are out of touch with the fact that the Lord has supplied these wonderful resources for us to enjoy. My hats off to the Growing Deer crew!! Good luck in 2016 and God bless!

  17. Double M Homestead

    thank you for great videos. just started my own channel to document first year bow hunting, and first time back hunting in 8 years

  18. Are those sheds above the nikon ad at 16:45

  19. Great videos, keep it up

  20. how does crop rotation get you around adding lime, though? I understand how it adds nitrogen, but how does it fix acidity?

  21. Cole DeWyse Outdoors

    How many acres is the Proving Grounds?

  22. 30 DAYS I'm getting excited

  23. give a man a some jerky you feed him, teach a man to hunt and you have created a lifestyle he can pass on and enjoy through the excitement and joy of others

  24. nice video guys, This is gonna be my first year of hunting with a bow

  25. I love you guys keep up the great work

  26. Wow I am actually first great video

  27. Th a,k you for your insights. your videos have been helping this New bowhunter find some great motivation and information! all the best to you and yours this seaso,!

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