Public Land Elk Hunting: ID 18′(Part 2)

Public Land Elk Hunting: ID 18′(Part 2)


It’s Day 3 of our back country hunt in Idaho! Deep in the heart of elk hunting, we encounter a bull calf and eventually a monster bull elk answers our bugling calls.

Follow our multi-part series of bow hunting as Preston, Jack, and their friend and local Idaho resident Zane chase elk across Idaho and Colorado!

Part 1:
Part 3:
Part 4:

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  1. That was a pretty brutal shot. 39 yards walking and some form of quartering to you. The bull was focused on the bugling. It surprised the heck out of me when you shot. Another minute or two would have probably provided a shot that was 10 times better. Hell, I’d rather have seen you shoot the cow rather than take a moving shot at a bull and wounding it.

  2. DIY home and Hunt

    Bull calf? That’s like saying an 8 point whitetail is a 3 point with brow tones. That was a full blown cow. Zoom in all you want it’s a cow. Look at her head. If it was a bull , even a yearling bull. The head would look much much younger. As for the shot. It was in the dead spot between the spine and lungs. I’ve seen that many times. Particularly on elk. 2 inches lower I believe you would have found him. But a quartering on shot at 30 plus yards is a recipe for a wounded elk.

  3. You had a perfect shot at a cow that would have provided a lot more meat. Instead you took a quartering shot that was very high and you lost the elk. You guys worry more about catching camera footage instead of concentrating on a good opportunity.

  4. Bull calf ? SAD ! Two year old COW !! Shot barely grazed the top of his back strap ! Arrow went all the way
    thru to the feather, should have been thrown out shortly after ! Top that off with profanity ! SAD !!

  5. Moving quartering to you…..good luck with that

  6. Great video guys, and as a guy that has wacked a few calfs that was 100% cow. A bull calf is half the size.

  7. Bummer. Def not fatal

  8. Bummer on the bull. One minor suggestion would be to show the hit again in slo-mo so the viewer can see it better. Looked like a neck shot?

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