Easy Food Plots And Deer Hunting Strategies (#347) @GrowingDeer.tv

Easy Food Plots And Deer Hunting Strategies (#347) @GrowingDeer.tv


The www.GrowingDeer.tv team shares an experiment with a new technique for planting food plots. It paid off with very promising results: see this innovative alternative for quick and easy fall food plots! Plus, we share what to look for to create dynamite hidey hole food plots. Click here to watch all this along with off season practice techniques that help us become more accurate bow hunters at crunch time!
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Products shown in this video:
G5/Prime Bows: http://www.growingdeer.tv/view/r39j
Morrell Targets: http://www.growingdeer.tv/view/6lmh
Redneck Blinds: http://www.growingdeer.tv/view/reai


  1. It would be cool if you guys kept the video and then went back and showed us updates and then didn't update video showing from start to beginning so we have a better idea of what we should do and what it could look like

  2. Which species of millet?

  3. Excellent advice!

  4. Go Wolfpack.

  5. Jackson hunter and farmer 26

    Great vid

  6. How did the plot work out in the roll method? I don't see an update video. So you just broadcast seed in stand vegetation then rolled it down Is that correct? I want to try this but want to make sure that is what you did and did it do good or fail?

  7. Who makes a roller just like the one u used
    Places around where I live, have cheap n weak ones

  8. Why is discing bad?

  9. Thanks so much for making this video. I love the idea of the no till drill but its just so impracticable for most of us. Plowing and using a disc machine is also hard because we are in the Catskills where we grow rocks lol.

    I did a soil test and it was determined that (P:13 ppm K:65ppm Ca:605 Mg:65ppm) These numbers aren't horrible but definitely room for improvement.

    I am starting out with thick hay fields. They have been around for ages and I am concerned that using the hay as a cover crop and broadcasting over and then rolling will have little results because of the limited soil visibility. Am I totally off or should I treat with an herbicide first to terminate the current hay?

    Also, could you suggest a few spring and fall planting crops that you mention help build and balance the soil while providing food for the herd.

    You guys are the best! Have really enjoyed following everything you do!!


  10. Where can I find that drag roller u used on your plots
    Can u give me a website to order it
    The ones I've found online are cheaply made

  11. Great video! I noticed you guys utilize the ASW Landmaster family of UTVs. What are your thoughts on their value/reliability/durability compared to other, more expensive UTVs?

  12. why are you pushing glyphosate. Why not promote organic practices. Oh, I get it. The sponsors wouldn't take kindly to that, would they?

  13. Kill Zone Outdoors

    One more question for this video, when it's a new food plot can i just plant, roll, then put hay down? Would it act like a cover crop?

  14. Johnathon Patzwald

    Absolutely LOVE the video series!! So much knowledge and perspective gained with each episode, so keep em coming! Real curious about the "Plant and Roll" method; have you guys found if this method works better on certain weeds than others? That is to make those weeds into mulch instead of coming back and living again. Thanks for your time!!

  15. I would wanna kill grasses

  16. What type of selective herbicide would be good for killing weeds in a food plot of clover, forage radishes and turnips??

  17. And also turnips in that blend too

  18. What type of fertilizer would be good for a clover,Radish and food plot blend?

  19. Could there be a bare tree with little no no cover and if u stand still besides grabbing your bow off the hanger and drawing back too if you stand very still??Would this situation work?

  20. I just used your limited equipment method, but used a brush hog instead of a roller. I hope to get similar results (cross your fingers, c'mon rain).

  21. Is 15-20 ft. Above a deers peripheral vision?

  22. As far as Treestand cover goes.Can you get away with no cover at all?can you cut and hook hook branches into your stand to make cover?

  23. +GrowingDeer.tv I know this is completely off the topic of the video, but have you guys ever heard of manmade deer bedding areas? I just wanted to know your thoughts on that idea. I enjoy watching every video you guys put out and can't wait for the next one!

  24. what is the roller pulled behind the utv?

  25. Have you guys ever considered starting a outfitting service as good of a deer herd as you have you could make good money I would pay good money for it anyway God bless ; p

  26. Tristian Kendall

    What poundage would you tell someone too try out .?

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