Happy Veterans Day and Hunting Rifle Challenge

Happy Veterans Day and Hunting Rifle Challenge


First off, Happy Veterans Day to the ones that have served this great country. Secondly, I wanted to make a video challenge for hunting season, which is getting started all over the country. So tell me your favorite gun/ammo combination you use to hunt your favorite game animal, then tag a few people that you would like to hear from. I’m tagging Uncle Dan and Uncle Don from Texas.

Shootin’ With Uncle Dan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCymxHj-vEN5Z3CyU64IJC_A

Email: clangandbangactual@gmail.com


  1. Thanks to Milsurp Mike, I'm seeing it today. Thank you for saying this and your family for service. My family farm is in South Alabama.

  2. I made a quick little VR to Dans video on my favorite rifle. Nuttin fancy about it. USN 83-86

  3. Uncle Dan sent me over

  4. Shootin' with Uncle Dan

    Sorry I'm just seeing this video. We'll definitely do a video response to this probably will be Sunday evening before we get the chance. Thanks brother I appreciate that.

  5. Very nice hunting and defense type uppers. My favorite hunting rig for coyotes in my area is my Savage 10FP in .223 sending out 64-grain Federal Power-Shok. It's cheap but decent 1 moa ammo in my particular rifle for out to 300 yards for clean kills on coyote. For paper-punching match type, the rifle prefers 75-grain Blackhills BTHP (reman).

  6. Josh & Alicia Spurgeon

    Savage 111 hunter in .308 win with Hornady 178gr percision hunter rounds, for elk and deer here in WA

  7. Happy Veterans Day to all that served.

  8. Got plenty of hogs around Florence… Roar Lions

  9. My father served in the Army. God bless all of you who served. I did my time as a Houston Police Officer and I respect and admire all who serve.

    I’ve killed my last few deer with an AR in 5.56 and have no complaints. Deer in this part of Texas the deer are not that big. But today I’m hunting with a Ruger SR1911 in 10mm.

  10. TwoFeatherChannel

    Geaux Tigers

  11. Check won tu, check won tuu lmao!

  12. You're a cool guy and all, but… ROLL TIDE!!!

  13. https://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/qd-micro-mount/ QD sling cup for your Troy rail. Supposed to fit those holes perfectly & the cheapest option out there. Stainless steel too!

  14. Great video keep up the good work

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