Pokemon X and Y Shiny Hunting How to chain using the poke radar with tips and tricks

Pokemon X and Y Shiny Hunting How to chain using the poke radar with tips and tricks


Shiny hunting- today we learn about the mysterious device known as the poke radar and how its actually a lot more useful then most of us would thing….. as I go through the video I explain how the chaining method works and how you can use it to get your self some shinys….. all though this process can get frustrating, patience and relaxation is very much needed when doing this… which is also why I urge you to listen to what I say and really pay attention to the key points of the video….. remember no one starts off perfect, it takes a bit of practice before we get the hand of this…. but once you do it, it will all be worth it, especially when you find that first shiny …. just make sure you have enough pokeballs to catch it lol ….Thanks for watching and if this video helped you don’t forget to really punch that Like button in the face and subscribe for much more to come and I wish the best of luck to those who decide to do this, Good Luck Shiny Hunting!!!… Mr.Lazo here saying peace!!!!!

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  1. I just want one freaking Shiny and that's a female Eevee can anyone trade me please!!!! lol

  2. You hero 🙂

  3. not sure if you still watch these, but if you do, i've recently tried chaining, caught some shinies as well but sometimes the chain breaks when I enter a good shaking grass that's in a realy good spot.. I've noticed that it happens when there are more than one good spots to enter

  4. It won't work for me all it says is that I can't use it

  5. I just completed my pokedex in Alpha Sapphire and have since started shiny hunting! After catching every possible fish available through chain fishing I tried dex nav hunting. Dex nav is different then this poke radar and after several days of failed attemps at dex nav hunting (with chains reaching over 100!) and countless research, i decided i'd put in my copy of Y and try this poke radar. I didn't use this feature before since i didn't really care about shinies much but now that my dex was completed it has become a fun side quest if you'd call it that. I tried poke radar for an hour or two and noticed i'd encounter different pokemon then what i started with and my chain would break or only leave me with 'bad' patches so i looked up a few videos and came across this one. I must say, this one was BY FAR the most informative, rather than most videos just showing their shiny catch or only giving a brief summary (and yes some even gave the wrong info!) or missed key points like looking for the same exact shaking grass patch and looking for patches four rings away. I like to say 'rings' rather than steps because i think of it like a circle around where you are standing and anything within 1 step is the first 'ring' and each space beyond that the second 'ring' but it has worked wonders looking for that 4th ring! That one little piece of info has helped me so much and now i'm one my way to catching me some shinies!! Thumbs up for the video! THANK YOU!!

  6. Scott the Squirtle

    This is great! I really enjoy the video, and I totally understand about the low quality. I have the same problem. It's so terrible that capture cards have to be so expensive. Anyway, you have great content and I look forward to more!

  7. Chris Tkatschenko

    This is by far the most helpful Pokeradar guide on youtube in my opinion, and this is coming from someone who before watching this video could not get past a ten chain and now just easily got a Shiny Doduo. Thanks!

  8. Let's say you want to catch a shiny skiddo, but then how do you start a chain with that skiddo you want?

  9. that's nice bro

  10. Fuck it, 2 hours of my life wasted, I'll just buy an action replay

  11. Helayna Henderson

    Ths chain breaks if you go into a patch that is on the edges of the area you are chaining on.

  12. I got a shiny Zoroark at pokemon village at 32 chains. was kind of surprised to find one so early

  13. I was in route 6 inside a big patch of tall grass with my radar without my roller skates but it didn't work, why?

  14. I always try my best on shiny hunting for me.

  15. my ligttle bro just encountered 

    a frickN Shiny Bubbelby on this very first chain … .. !!!

    i was just like WHAAAAT?? O.o

  16. Do et more fast


  18. What part of the video do you actually fucking start doing shit?

  19. When the radar goes off after a kill for chaining and nothing shakes is the chain broken?

  20. I think you are awesome man
    Youre a very good commentator keep doin what you doin 😉
    Btw : i subscribed

  21. Does chaining work in Friend Safari?

  22. I found my 3rd shiny in my life In this game while I was looking for female Eevees 😀 I wasn't even trying

  23. Asadullah Ibrahim

    no it didnt

  24. When I chain, I just look for the patch that shakes the fastest. Always works, unless I just wasn't paying attention and there was a faster one.

  25. I got the shiny pancham on the second time

  26. I got a shiny pancham using pokemon radar

  27. OMG… So as soon as I clicked this video, I thought.. wow this can't be, but when the voice played, I knew…. umm this comment makes no sense, now back to the video 😀 EEEEK

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