Deer Hunting Pennsylvania Last Day Rifle Season 2017 – Luke Sweeney & John Nugent

Deer Hunting Pennsylvania Last Day Rifle Season 2017 – Luke Sweeney & John Nugent


Deer Hunting 2017. Follow John Royer as he films Luke Sweeney and John Nugent on the last day of the Pa rifle season in clarion county. The guys start out by seeing a few deer and John Nugent shoots a nice 8 point buck with his 30-06. Later in the day, John Royer films Luke shoot a doe within the last remaining hours of the season with his .308. John and Luke head home with a truck bed full!


  1. Dodge trucks don’t growl. They groan a lot though.
    Their logo looks more like a uterus than a goat!
    Just kidding guys.
    Good hunting. Good video. Looks like fun Thanks for sharing it

    I’m a fan of .308 too. At western NY/PA distances it has exactly the same ballistics as an 06. With the right tuning they’re tack drivers. One shot kills every time I’ve taken mine out for deer. Hast the same grey stock too 🙂

  2. Perfect shot!! 760 Gamemaster… The PA "semi-auto" LOL Love the vids!!

  3. I hunt beaver county pa and it amazes me how different deer are from here to where you guys hunt. We dont see anywhere near as many in a week as you do in a day or 2

  4. Cory Hackenberger

    My dad gave me a Savage 99 .308 20 years ago when I started hunting. I shot both my deer the first week and he gifted me the rifle. Priceless rifle.

  5. Killed 3 bucks 5 7 4 points

  6. I use a 30 aught 6 242 model and it is beautiful

  7. Love your videos man! Been hunting in pa since I was 10, 26 now still pushing for that 1st buck.

  8. Hey thanks……

  9. sweenie needs to hit the gym!

  10. love that truck

  11. Harry Scudder outdoors

    My last buck I shot, I killed it with a .300 win mag (I know it's overkill) and we could not find the entrance or exit wound.

  12. Nice Buck!

  13. skluzacek farms since 1915

    Sad this video got age restricted, hope they don't get many others by you

  14. Holy Yinzers…

  15. Christian Wunder

    What Area is that? I hunt in 5B and 4E.

  16. you monster's you killed bambi

  17. Plz dunn do it grant mercy
    Think about the pain

  18. I am no hunter or anything, but what is the point of wearing camo when you are also wearing bright orange?

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