Epic Coyote Double – Coyote Hunting

Epic Coyote Double – Coyote Hunting


Jon Collins is on an action packed coyote stand in Kansas!


  1. Hey Jon, how do you like the new QD42 compared to the old field model?

  2. Just wondering what the name of that bi-pod is

  3. Nice video

  4. what caliber are you shootin?

  5. Good hunt

  6. Duniya ko daryaft karen

    1:49 3:17 only 2 cayot !

  7. do you have some coyote tails for sale?

  8. Colin, do you use scent away products, and scent cover, and scent lures? If so, what brands? How important are these in a cross wind or if the wind is in your face? I watched before when you said you "jumped in the truck and had to hurry to make a stand to help a farmer". Thank you.

  9. Nice shots buddy! Congrats from Montreal,Quebec,Canada!!

  10. Does this man ever miss? Man he puts the hammer on em!

  11. Victor L. Fazio III

    Good shootin #PAWSUPCREW

  12. This is nasty

  13. Nice double !

  14. sorry that product didnt make the shot you did sorry years ago bought first used bow at bow shop kept trying to sell this ans that add ons to make meshoot better i said nope ill go practice first that helped then got the add on bull! good video and shooting bud love it Hard to shot dogs where i am at not many wide open spaces 30 miles so of st lous farm ground but to many peolee and buildings for 22-250 shooting any recomendations on shot gunning for yotes please? thanks

  15. nice job guys love it

  16. Beat around the bushcraft Caywood

    Sweet shooting

  17. What is the flying object in the second shot? Looks almost like a shot gun wad.

  18. Elevated Obsession

    Nice shootin Jon!

  19. What are u shooting on this hunt

  20. A "bowgun" really!

  21. Nice video as usual!!!

  22. Dude u hammered that second yote, the hair blew off like a rocket

  23. Always great to shoot females. They won't be having anymore pests. Would be nice if coyote callers could produce a product that would attract females. I guess pup distress is somewhat but need something more potent. Those were big dogs.

  24. Nice shot

  25. Great shooting. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Jon, nice shooting. I went this afternoon until dark . Tried a couple spots. The one spot I have a hard time figuring out where to set up because of the layout of the place. Posted property on the side I need to go in so the wind is right for me. Always see 2 or 3 and more fresh tracks in there. No luck there. Then went to another spot I Turkey hunt in, no luck. There is a snowmobile trail thru there, I am wondering if they only pass thru there now because of the weekend traffic. I was coming out at dark and met 2 sleds on the trail. It is frustrating for sure. Been out a few times and no luck and don't know if there were any coming in or not, didn't see any. Thanks for sharing your luck.

  27. Great stand !
    Like the looks of the new Swagger Bipod – the other model ruins hand carry of a rifle .
    Kansas has some yotes – drove through there a few times and saw more there from the road than anywhere else I've traveled .
    Liked/subscribed/bell . . . . . .

  28. Good shooting! Nice pair of coyotes, Jon.

  29. Nice shooting!

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