Baby Got Rack deer hunting spoof music video

Baby Got Rack deer hunting spoof music video


music video spoof of baby got back! Deer hunting video for all the hunters out there!


  1. I love that but it so true

  2. Ok i hate jake Paul and Logan Paul but did I see Greg Paul at 1:28 lol

  3. Best song ever you shood Make more

  4. FUCK Ya….awesome job! Sir Hunts alot!

  5. 20 people don't like big racks

  6. so true, so funny.

  7. omg!!! wtf!!!

  8. Awesome hahhahaha Baby Got Bacl cant get any better :p

  9. Hahaha as a hunter this is badass and true

  10. love this song so much

  11. Haha that's is super cool

  12. Awesome song !

  13. 5 people are from the city!

  14. three young kids on there are hot as fuck just saying lol cant wait opening day in 4 days woot woot get the big racks 😉

  15. GoldwaterFirearms

    Love this……. Awesome

  16. i'm proud of my 11 year old son. today he passed his hunter safety course with a 100% great song too btw

  17. Matthew Robinson

    what bow do u have

  18. love this video!!! awesome!!
    I just shot a 10 pointer last tuesday! with bow love bowhunting!

  19. Pretty damn good. Needs so much more views.

  20. Dozer and cork screw

  21. im love huntin and imma girl hehehe

  22. Hells to the mother fuckin yea!!!!!!

  23. oh fuck yea!!!

  24. Mowhem racing mowers

    ha ha ha i love rack

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