GOOSE hunting with OUTLAW!!! (catch clean cook)

GOOSE hunting with OUTLAW!!! (catch clean cook)


With the first day being super slow we were ready to get some birds on the ground. We scouted and found the mother load. Woke up the next morning and walked em. Thanks for the good time outlaw!!!
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  1. Showing love from indiana man

  2. Rock on y'all

  3. That was awkward maybe outlaw wanted that for his channel since he said "bro law can't even see" while putting pepper on his goose

  4. That's a stupid amount of decoys!!! Damn the goose game is real!!!

  5. What’s the metal song called?

  6. learn to fucking cook if you hunt. You seem like a bunch of sodomites.

  7. I kept laughing when he said goose is the best meat you'll ever eat. I was dying. He's like you don't even need seasoning, just stick it on the grill. Then he seasons the crap out of it and sticks it it in the oven.

  8. I have been watching Robert and his family at deermeatfordinner for years and recently discover Mullet Man then found Outlaw (Outlaw is insane Lol) watching Mullet Man , now I enjoy all 3 of those channels content and he seem like a real dude, keep up the good hunting and videos. I also saw Demolition Ranch who I also discovery with Roman. So am trying to figure out which of the other guys got channels? but I will in time. P.S Mullet Man you should include your wife on more videos she seem very nice (if she is cool with it) . Lol funny how you trick her to eating bobcat.. peace god bless.

  9. I love u guys God bless

  10. They turn out pretty good on the smoker!

  11. Mullet Man great as usual. Gotta work on Outlaw moving his crew to Texas.

  12. Metal music…?name please

  13. Bailey vlog's And more

    What about all that good thigh meat? What a waste.

  14. Just watched a deermeatfordinner vid. Catch clean cook of Canada goose. Had a check of a recipe on there if you want to check it out. Looked like eat good. Lol

  15. The outdoorsmen of Kentucky

    I wish you would do some more squirrel catch and cook

  16. Tell outlaw to upload please

  17. Why not cook the whole duck?

  18. I think your the luckiest guy I have seen on here. I do just about anything to meet outlaw or any famous youtuber even you. I might be able to learn a few things about this stuff to build up my channel. I have entered every giveaway that is giving away a good camera so I could make more videos. Keep up the great work and I am a new sub also.

  19. What shotgun do you guys mostly use while goose hunting ?

  20. Nice

  21. Wow how many thousands of dollars do you think all them decoys cost…..

  22. Even colder here in wisconsin

  23. What’re you dippin on?

  24. sandhill crane is ribeye of the sky. goose still gets you loose. good shooting.

  25. Dang what a herd of Antelopes!

  26. Pheasant and dove superior meat. Youll have to come to SD for a catch clean & cook for pheasant 😉

  27. Make some merch!
    Need a Mullet Man hat ASAP!

  28. I want to see you hunt the sandhill crane and cook it tell me if its worth driving to texas to hunt them

  29. Jeffrey Derflinger

    Keep the content coming!

  30. Alright brother…… Way better vidja…. Throw in a fat chaw and set out some decoys for the most annoying shitters ever… Get them parking lot geese…. Plus outlaw???? Damn son this KICKS ASS!!! Leave them big cats alone please until they are a over run like these damn geese… Much love… And keep on keeping on!!

  31. On The Farm And Off Vlogs

    Actually I think Sandhill crane are called ribeye of the sky. Keep up the vids mullet man.

  32. Keep up the hardwork mullet love the vids

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