Wes Harrison – The Big Duck Hunt Part 1

Wes Harrison – The Big Duck Hunt Part 1


Wes Harrison – The Big Duck Hunt Part 1
from the album “The One and Only”


  1. I saw this guy live back at the Tommy Bartlett show in the late 1970s and have this record (autographed). What a showman.

  2. My dad and I would listen to this on long car rides, it never got old, haha. We saw him live once up at Wisconsin Dells, he was part of the Tommy Bartlett Water Ski show.

  3. he is doing a show soon in chicago he believes it is his last one

  4. Wilbur Bednaroski!

    This guy isn’t funny, he is hilarious.

  5. Remember this from my childhood in the 70's.

  6. What has become of Harrison? As of Dec. 30, 2017, his website, MrSoundEffects.com, is active but not been updated since 2008.

  7. My grandparents went to see him at concert

  8. My Grandma had this guy on tape. I loved to listen to him. every time I spent the night at her house……

  9. Saw him twice he opened for Tom t hall and  at the Wisconsin dell's at the Tommy Bartlett water show

  10. I saw him at the Wisconsin Dells when i was like 10 or 11 at the Tommy Bartlet show.  So funny.  So many great memories.

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