Hunting in Alaska: The Essential Equipment

Hunting in Alaska: The Essential Equipment


It’s the night before Ian Harford and Steve Wild’s epic trip. Ian is going through all the carefully selected essential hunting equipment he will taking into the Alaskan wilderness.

Welcome to Hunting in Alaska – Episode Two.

Previously we spent the day with Ian and Steve in Wales and they practiced their long range shooting skills with the help of Andrew Venables of WMS Firearms Training. (Click here to watch now –

The weather can be very unpredictable on the mountains of Alaska, the temperature can change suddenly and without warning.

It may look like a lot of gear that needs to fit into one rucksack. But, considering the conditions and terrain, the focus on a hunting clothing system based upon multiple layers that is waterproof and lightweight.

Every piece of equipment has been carefully chosen for it’s specific function and only essential items will be taken on the trip as everything must be carried into the wild.

Next time, the Alaska hunting adventure begins.

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