Desert Camouflage Effectiveness

Desert Camouflage Effectiveness


In this video Bruce and I had a unique opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with our good friend Dimitri with Primary Arms. While we were out there we not only got to put some rounds down range but we seized the opportunity to conduct some good camouflage effectiveness tests of some desert camouflage patterns in an actual desert environment. In addition to that we also got some footage of some of the patterns through PVS-14 Generation III night vision.

***I want to give a big thanks to Dimitri and Primary Arms for making this all possible! Please check out the links I have posted in the comments section to get good deals on optics from them.***

The following camouflage patterns will be looked at in this video:

6 Color Desert
3 Color Desert (unfortunately somewhat faded & NOT a new uniform)
Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP)
Desert Tiger Stripe
Desert DPM
Polish Desert
Desert CCE
Tropical Flecktarn
Pencott Badlands
Pencott Sandstorm
Desert Tan
Desert Vegetato
Desert Night camouflage (Through NVGs only)
Rhodesian Brush Stroke
Taliban outfit