Camouflage cargo pants.

Camouflage cargo pants.


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Cargo pants reviews:

I really like this new waist line fit. Little more expensive but much better to me…

best fitting and most comfortable pants I ever bought!

Just out of the package they seem very nice. Very comfortable. The fit is perfect. We’ll see how they last.

I have worn Wrangler pants for years. Have been happy except for the inconsistent sizing. I was immediately very pleased with these pants. Super comfortable. Wrangler should expand on these, more colors (olive drab, black), more sizes (how about a 35″ waist) more lengths (why stop at 34″ ?)

As I approach my middle 70s, I find my weight can vary by 5 or so pounds almost weekly, up or down, depending on my level of actìvity. This flex waist cargo gives me the comfort I need at both ends of the spectrum. Lots of pockets!

I am glad to see that these are available again, my old grey pair are beyond getting patched again. How about more camo colors like tan?
My new pants are stretch, even better!


I have grown to like Wrangler Cargo pants and shorts and especially like the gear pocket for my phone. Needed some new pants and couldn’t find these in any local stores so ordered these from the Wrangler website. Price is a tad high compared to stores I’ve found them in, but not ridiculously so. I wanted to try something a little more comfortable due to recent weight gain from quitting smoking. I got these and tried them on. They fit and feel wonderful. The little bit of stretchy give in the material is liberating. My only concern is the how the fabric will hold up, seems a little light/thin for Wranglers. But this is a new thing for me, stretchy pants and all. So far, no complaints. After getting the first pair, I immediately turned around and ordered three more pair. Hope they add some more color choices, and perhaps heavier material in the future.