Archery Elk Hunting Day Pack – What gear do you need?

Archery Elk Hunting Day Pack – What gear do you need?


Archery Elk Hunting season is just around the corner so it’s time to pull out the gear and make sure every thing is in order for opening day. In this video Clay Hayes goes through the gear he carries for a typical day hunt for elk in the Rocky Mountain backcountry.

Starting off is a great pack. You’ll want something big enough to carry out a quarter but light enough to comfortably use as a day pack. The SeekOutside Goshawk is a great option.

You’ll also want the best binoculars you can afford. You’ll be using them a lot. I have the vortex razor 10×42 A map and compass, game bags, emergency survival kit, bugle tube and other calls, trekking poles, head lamp, and a few other items round out the contents of the pack.

Bow hunting elk is demanding business. Take these few weeks before elk season to get prepared. You sure don’t want to get to elk camp with bulls bugling on the hill just to realize you left some of you elk hunting gear at home.

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