Backpack Hunting Gear: Early Season Loadout

Backpack Hunting Gear: Early Season Loadout


Early season backpack hunting gear loadout. This example is the backcountry camping gear need to go hunt animals that are far away from roads.

A backpack hunter must be prepared for any weather during the later months of summer, and carry a heavy duty framed pack to haul meat out of the backcountry; generally on foot.

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36lbs of Backpack Hunting Gear:
Kifaru Ultralite frame with muskeg 5k bag, 2 small hip belt pockets and nalgene holder.

Nikon d3400 with 18-270mm lens and peak design capture clip.

Steri pen ultra rechargeable

Vangaurd bino to tripod adapter

Esee Izula 2 knife

20+ feet of reflective guy line

Camera bag: microfiber towels, cleaning brush, cleaning spray, extra SD cards and batteries and wireless remote.

Note pad and grape scented pencil

Vangaurd espod 233ap tripod

Vanguard 82mm angled spotter with digiscope adapter for DSLR

Thermarest Zlite glassing seat pad

Body glove wet shoes

Sea to summit med compression bag

Sitka core lightweight hoody, gaiters and merino gloves

Kefya/shemagh and beanie

Spare smart wool sock

Marmot rain jacket

Sitka Kelvin active insulating puffy

Mega pull out with 5+ days of food, drink mixes, snacks and coffee. Also inside is a solo stove and solo 900 pot with a CRKT XL spork for cooking/eating.

PSL solar lantern and large headlamp (inner pocket)

MSR dromedary water bladder (hydro sleeve)

Kifaru slick 20 degree regular bag

Luxe Hexpeak 2P tipi (seam sealed, no stove jack):

Klymit inertia O zone pad

Small pull out- first aid kit, hygiene & survival, and general daily items.

Luxe Stake Bag- ground sheet wrapped around ground stakes, rubber feet for trekking poles and different guy lines cut to length for back up.

Elk Pack Out Video:

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