MountainMan's BackPack Hunting Gear Review, Sambar Hunting, Victoria Highcountry

MountainMan's BackPack Hunting Gear Review, Sambar Hunting, Victoria Highcountry


This clip may be of (most) relevance to those inexperienced hunters who wish to backpack into remote places at some stage.

Please understand that I have based this clip from my own experiences and knowledge of backpack hunting. The types of equipment and how I use it should in no way be misunderstood as instructional or rely upon information. There are plenty of options and ideas for backpack hunting; I’ve merely taken you through my list and ultimately your gear selection should take into account factors such as time of year, terrain, weather conditions, hunter’s level of experience etc.

This simple but functional hunting equipment was used in my 5 day backpack hunt in late May of 2018 for sambar in the Victorian Alpine National Park. The 5 day film series is available here

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5 (this film)

Goodluck planning your next backpack hunting trip


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My Gear List for that trip:

3 polypro leggings
3 polypro tops
3 undies
3 wollen socks
1 polar fleece pants
1 polar fleece shorts
1 swazi severn windblock top
1 stoney creek blaze orange vest
1 swazi tahr anorak
1 Kathmandu puffer jacket
1 stoney creek gaitors
1 stoney creek gloves
1 stoney creek bivy fly (+ pole + pegs)
1 ground sheet
1 Mountain Designs 90L pack
4 freeze dried dinners
4 freeze dried breakfasts
8 muslei bars
500g nuts
200g salami
2L water bladder
10×42 leica binoculars
gps + compass
2 headtorches
1st aid kit
Lowa Ranger III boots
A heap of camera gear + accessories

Music from YouTube Commons

Cry – free source