Gun Review: Traditions Outfitter G2 Hunting Rifles

Gun Review: Traditions Outfitter G2 Hunting Rifles


For either traditionalists — or more likely, the number of states that still disallow centerfire rifles for hunting — shotguns, muzzleloaders, and handguns have been the norm. But now, with those same states allowing the use of straight wall cartridges for hunting, the new Traditions Outfitter G2 rifle and its cool lineup of chamberings will have a ready market this season.

The Outfitter G2 is a single-shot, break action centerfire rifle built and marketed for deer and other big-game hunters. Each wears a 22 inch chromoly Lothar Walther fluted barrel. Of specific interest, the G2 and its straight walled chamberings can be used during the centerfire-limited seasons of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Safety is high on Traditions list here, with both transfer bar and manual trigger/hammer block safeties. All come drilled and tapped.

The rifle is built for practicality and all-weather use with a steel frame, Cerakote finish on the metalwork and synthetic stocks. The rifles are light at only 5.8 pounds bare, though potential recoil is mitigated by a thick rubber butt pad and larger calibers coming with a muzzle brake.