How to Paint Your Rifle: Winter / Alpine Camouflage

How to Paint Your Rifle: Winter / Alpine Camouflage


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Black anodized rifles provide great camouflage, given that you are in a coal mine… …with no illumination. Lets be honest, black doesn’t really blend with anything very well, especially alpine environments. So what if we wanted to paint our rifle, pistol or pretty much any gear so that it would be camouflaged in a winter / alpine environment? It turns out it is really easy.

What do we need for this project? Two cans of paint and a stencil of some sort, I prefer a section of camo netting. For paint, my favorite is Aervoe. For this project I use their White (#975) and Urban Grey (#1083). You can sometimes find these paints through DSG Arms:

Don’t be intimidated, it is easier than you think. And worse comes to worse, just clean it off with some acetone and try again. Or practice on your kids Nerf gun first. In no time you’ll be ready for some Arctic Warfare…

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