My Traditional Bow Hunting Setup for 2019

My Traditional Bow Hunting Setup for 2019


This time of year I get a lot of questions regarding my traditional archery bowhunting setup. Questions like:

What kind of longbow or recurve to you shoot,what’s the draw weight for elk or deer, how heavy are your arrows, what’s FOC do you recommend, what kind of broadheads, etc.

This video will go over my bowhunting rig for this year. I’ll be chasing elk, whitetail deer, hogs, and anything else that I can. Additionally I’ll go over the stuff I carry with me in my Traditional Archery field kit. Here’s a quick rundown for later reference:

Bow square, fletching jig, fletchings, fletching glue, field tips, broadheads, tip glue, feather dry, extra bow string, string material, serving and serving tool, wood glue, torch, honing stone, nail polish, plyers, extra shooting tab or glove, extra clicker, point brush, and a few other things.

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