Jackpot Rae Dunn Christmas Hunting | Shop With Me | Homegoods | TJ Maxx | Marshalls

Jackpot Rae Dunn Christmas Hunting | Shop With Me | Homegoods | TJ Maxx | Marshalls


Jackpot Rae Dunn Christmas Hunting | Shop With Me | Homegoods | Marshalls | TJ Maxx
Christmas Rae Dunn is here and I have to find it ALLL!

Today I am taking you along with me in a vloggy week in the life . I am trying to find all the things Rae Dunn. I am obsessed and need it all. I am ISO or In search of : Rae Dunn Christmas , Rae Dunn Basics, Rae Dunn Mugs, Rae Dunn Birdhouses. I want all The LL Canisters I can find! I need all the birdhouses and all the new Rae Dunn releases. I found the Rae Dunn Red Merry Christmas canister and Mug! I also found the Rae Dunn Red Santas Cookies! I am so happy! Come along and Shop with Me At Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and even a Homesense every once in a while. If you enjoyed this DITL Day in the Life , WITL Week in the Life Vlog style Shop with me video, Please Like and Subscribe .. it really helps my channel out! As Always Happy Wednesday!


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