Reel A Strap – 30 Foot Hunting Gear Hoist for Treestands

Reel A Strap – 30 Foot Hunting Gear Hoist for Treestands


The Reel-A-Strap is a 30 foot strap hoist tat includes two hooks (one hook is adjustable and one is on the end) so you can haul multiple items into your treestand. This works great for guns, bows, backpacks, rattling antlers, calls, almost anything you need to hoist up into the treestand.

Using a hoist is much safer than trying to hold your gear while climbing. Plus, this will allow you to be much quieter when getting in and out of your treestand.

When you are ready to haul the gear up, pull the strap “hand over hand” and once you’re done you can use the 4 inch diameter spool to wind the strap back onto the spool. This keeps the strap tangle free and ready for the next use. No more will you pull a hoist rope out of your pack and have to untangle it and fight knots. The Reel-A-Strap is ready to go when you are.

This works on fixed stands, box blinds, ladder stands and works great on climbing stands! Simply attache the top stap to your belt or climber arm and ascend. Leave the tension knob loose and the strap will pay out as you climb. If you want a set height, pull out the correct amount of strap and tighten the knob. When you feel tension you know you’re at the correct height. Perfect for dark mornings!