Ghost Hunting Equipment We Use (Live) – Our Haunted Travels

Ghost Hunting Equipment We Use (Live) – Our Haunted Travels


Ghost Hunting Equipment We Use (Live) – Paranormal History

We realize that in most of our videos we refer to certain devices that we are using while conducting an investigation by certain terms that “Non” paranormal investigators may not understand exactly what is going on at the time we are investigating. So, in this live stream, we will show you each piece of equipment we use while we are travel/investigating and explain what each device is trying to accomplish.

We will conduct this live stream somewhat like an equipment review and show you what all we carry in our ghost hunting equipment bag. Our equipment list includes cameras, emf meters, ovilus, evp recorders, thermometers, and many more pieces of paranormal equipment we use during a paranormal investigation in order to try and capture paranormal activity.

If you are a non-paranormal investigator and enjoy our videos, this will clarify what is happening with the devices when we capture something on the videos.

If you are a paranormal investigator, please tune in and tell us if you use the same devices and what experiences you have had while out in the field.

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Ghost Stories and Folklore are paranormal history videos that will cover the paranormal claims at the particular locations. On occasion, we may deviate from a location and provide some sort of creepy pasta or urban legend video. These videos are narrated by our mascot “Boris” to add that special creepy effect to the videos. So sit back, listen, and enjoy. You can see the complete catalog of Ghost Stories and Folklore Videos we have at:

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Thanks for watching, and happy hunting!