Untouched Pocket Loaded in Gold!

Untouched Pocket Loaded in Gold!


I found he most amazing little pocket in the bedrock loaded with great gold. And this was only after about an hour of panning. Tranquille River’s public area is a great spot to go recreational gold panning. It is a free spot for anyone to gold pan and has better gold than most private claims out there. Gold panners can be seen up and down the river all the time and yet there is still great gold to be had by anyone.

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It was such a horrible sight I had to call the cops.

Sluicing one ounce of gold. (High Banking, How long?)

In search of a facetable gem stone (garnet).

Reading a river, where does gold deposit.

Miniature Dynamite, Blasting rocks for Opals. (Micro Blaster)

A spiral gold wheel to recover lots of gold!

Panning one ounce of gold. (How long?)

Where to find gold? Potholes or Bedrock pockets.

Splitting rocks with the Micro Blaster

Home made Impact mill rock crusher for gold ore.

Finding Chunky Gold! At the Trout Creek Mine.

Two little sticks of dynamite, one big blast! (Micro Blaster and Visible Gold)

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