Savage Scout Rifle vs Hunting Rifle vs Moving Targets! Savage 110 Scout in 308 Win

Savage Scout Rifle vs Hunting Rifle vs Moving Targets! Savage 110 Scout in 308 Win


Eight of us visited the range to directly compare Jeff Cooper’s scout rifle concept (Savage 110 Scout) to a traditional hunting rifle. Don’t miss the big discussion at the end of this scout rifle review video!

Scout Rifle Equipment List:
1. Savage 110 Scout in 308 Winchester
2. Simmons Gold Medal Pistol Scope
3. Weaver Quad-Lok Low Rings:

Hunting Rifle Equipment List:
1. Stevens 200 in 308 Winchester
2. Boyds At-One Stock in Forest Camo Laminate:
3. Falcon S8i Rifle Scope:
4. Weaver Base:
5. Vortex Hunter 30mm Low Rings:

The parameters of this live-fire test are important: we were dealing with a moving target at 100 and 200 yards using the exact same hand-rolled 308 ammunition (Hornady 150-grain FMJBT). Both scopes were dialed in to the same magnifications. The experience of the eight participants ranged from total newbie to experienced hunter.

In the end, both proved to be perfectly capable of landing accurate hits, and even our novice bolt-action user racked up his fair share of hits. The differences came down to balance, handling, and scope placement. Some friends preferred the longer focal distance of the scout scope since it made the target easier to focus on at the same time. Others preferred the large image from the Falcon scope. Everyone seemed to agree that the surprisingly high weight of the Savage Scout lent itself well to steadily tracking the moving targets.

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Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive