Working on my Recurve Bow Shooting

Working on my Recurve Bow Shooting


For me, maintaining a high level of accuracy and consistency with my recurve or longbow requires constant work. In this recurve shooting tips video I’m working on my traditional archery shot cycle and giving my thoughts on everything from how to aim a recurve to proper archery form, back tension, common mistakes, etc. One of the things I talk about is why you often see me shooting with a limb mounted clicker.

When I’m working on my shot I shoot one arrow at a time. This forces me to analyze each shot. If I don’t execute a shot perfectly it gives me time to reflect on what went wrong instead of just shooting another arrow. Those poorly executed shots give us an opportunity to learn, but only if we pay attention to them.
Every step in my shot cycle has a place there because it works well for me in the type of bow hunting situations I find myself in most often. That’s hunting public land from the ground, on rough country and in very close proximity to spooky game like deer and elk. My archery form, posture, etc. may be different than what an Olympic style shooting coach would teach. Again, this is what I’ve settled on for my style of bowhunting.

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