UK Deerhunting Series – Roebuck Hunting Essentials

UK Deerhunting Series – Roebuck Hunting Essentials


Spring has finally arrived in the United Kingdom, which means outdoorsmen and women across the country are eagerly heading out into the wilderness for a roebuck hunting adventure. However, it is important you have the correct equipment for that task ahead. Today, Ian Harford shares his Roebuck Hunting Essentials.

Welcome to the UK Deerhunter Series – on Deerhunter TV.

Roebuck season is a great time to be amongst nature. The weather is starting to warm up and there is lots of new growth around the habitats. Before you begin your first outing, you need to select your hunting gear. You might already have a number of items you’ve used in previous years that are still in good condition. Although, it could be time for an upgrade so that you can achieve the best results from any roebuck hunting trip.

Ian has a mixture of old and new products that are ideal for the roebuck shooting season. Every piece of hunting equipment has been carefully chosen for a specific function.

Once you have your equipment ready, you need to learn each piece inside and out. The last thing you do is miss a perfect opportunity because something unexpected happens with your set-up.

“My advice would be to keep practicing. It’s all about familiarity, spend a lot of time working with your equipment, go to your local shooting range, and get accustomed to deploying your rifle from your backpack. The more familiar you are and the more second nature using your equipment becomes, the more likely you are to take advantage if a shot presents itself.” – Ian Harford

We love to hear what you will be using this season. Leave your roebuck hunting essential equipment list in the comment section below.

Next time on Great British Shooting, we’re Roebuck Stalking in Hampshire.

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