3 Job Hunting Tips – How To Write a Top CV

3 Job Hunting Tips – How To Write a Top CV


Careers tips and advice on what to do and what not to do when writing an outstanding CV. Graham Martin tells you what to avoid and how to make your CV really stand out! http://www.therecruitmentguy.com


  1. What I like about this guy is there is no rubbish – he tells you how it is and what you need to do to succeed.

  2. In this day and age, just bloody give people jobs. If we don't want anyone on the welfare system, if we don't want people in poverty, just give them the bloody job. Imagine…if everyone in the United Kingdom had jobs, imagine out economy. All this interviewing and tedious policies is futile in my opinion. Like, I'm a University graduate, with several years experience, I find it an insult that some posts I apply for only offer minimum wage, no thanks!

  3. flim flam

  4. I hope he's not interviewing me!

  5. "A bright, creative and enthusiastic person with a diverse range of customer service skills and administrative experience."
    You just know that was halfheartedly written by a JobCentre employee, or related agency, who will receive their full pay-packet even if they write "Member of ISIS" on the client's CV.

  6. Hello , how are you my friends , I've write a CV but, I don't know if I write it correctly .Can someone help me about that .And this is my email to contact with me ( hamoud.saadow@outlook.com ) And Iwill be thankful

  7. Benitas Lisovskij

    Most people dont have any anchiements …

  8. where were the tips for a good CV? this vedio is rubbish.

  9. He's scary

  10. so what should be the first line then ??????

  11. Zero BS video.

    Great vid

  12. He's pretty harsh isn't he haha

  13. Mate, I loved your style. Now I know why I am unemployed.

  14. I think it should be compulsory for schools to teach how to write good CVs I have just finished my 2nd year at college and not once as anyone taught me how to write a CV and at the moment my CV is probably poor because my open sentence is my age and what I did in college but it's much harder for people like me to to write a CV when the only people helping is our parents!

  15. This guy is the epitome of the working world hahaha

  16. Its rubbish! LOL

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but this video was intended to help people write a good CV yet all I see from this video is negative criticism and embarrassment for the CV's you read out. I mean throwing, deliberately mocking and ripping the CV's up? Utter disrespect. The irony… I see no help in this video. Horrible personality for someone who is suppose to help people.

  18. jacobgreenland2011

    LOL this guy

  19. this didn't help. and I dont like your rather vile personality.

  20. 0551581184

  21. One problem is that many of the requirements listed by employers are things like : must be good team player ; need to be enthusiastic ; must be self motivated ; need to be proactive etc etc , so THEY are the ones using the cliches, yet the applicant is supposed to refer to what is mentioned in the ad, without using cliches. Not so easy.

  22. Aaron Aidan MacCárthaigh

    "spelled wrong"? You may find the adverb is 'wrongly' not 'wrong'. So, I advise you to consider your own grammar before commenting on other people's English.

  23. Useful to know what gets recruiters pissed off. No one THINKS in corporate bullshit language so refreshing to hear what's really in their heads! You're f***ing RUBBISH you IDIOT! Wouldn't work with him mind….

  24. First of all… you gave me a good laugh, so thanks! You are cut-throat. Also… I totally agree with your bad examples, however, you didn't show any good examples!

  25. Jerónimo Visñovezky

    The height of that horse!

  26. What difference does it make? Most employers and agencies can't punctuate, can't spell and can't string two sentences together either.

  27. haha this guy!

  28. What's really ironic is watching a guy who's trying to sell motivational speeches, books or whatever at his website ranting about people and saying their CV is rubbish, lol.

  29. Cheers mate

  30. which tips

  31. You clearly explain what not to do.
    Could you please give examples of good CVs too?

  32. What you shouldn't do but little about what you should leaving me lost

  33. Basically saying what not to do but not would to do. Probably a better way of phrasing that

  34. dannywithnuggets

    Duke of Edinburgh's award? lol You must be joking. Thanks for the help though I appreciate the video.

  35. Thanks Graham for the tips, I'm currently writing a CV for work experience at a good company, this video has helped a lot 🙂

  36. You're a idiot! and I bet you didn't have permission to say people's names on some of those CV's, breaking data protection act much? fucking idiot!

  37. Thanks for this, you've got a  new subbie here.

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